Sunday's Dump & Chase: The Tax Man

After last night, I think I've paid my fair share of the "Entertainment Tax" for a while. And what's up with Stalberg? If he's healthy, there's no good reason to sit him. Not one. I'm really glad there isn't a home game for a couple of weeks...I'm going to need

Nashville Predators News

Trotz's Stalberg gamble fails to pay off - The Predatorial

What gamble? There was "no reason to take anybody out".

Trotz blames goalie only for one of St. Louis' goals | The Tennessean

How much blame does he get?

Smashville 24/7 - Preds lack jump in loss to Blues

I would say so.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Matt Duchene loves fast-pace system and personal style of Patrick Roy - The Denver Post

Any professional coach that has a "doghouse" is a moron. Winning games is all that matters, and it seems like Roy gets that.

Rick DiPietro gets tryout with Hurricanes | New York Post

Sure, why not? Nothing to lose for either party.

Cherry sticks up for suspended Sabres enforcer Scott - The Globe and Mail


Anaheim Ducks' goalies make good trade bait | Ottawa Sun

If only we knew of a team that could use one...

Chicago Blackhawks Problems: Get Out The Measuring Sticks-The Hockey Writers

Are they suddenly getting shorter or something? That would be a problem.

Leafs - not Bruins - getting value of Kessel trade -

Except for the part where the Bruins won the Cup in 2011 and played in the Final last year.

What do referees do to stay fit and relax?-TSN

Who cares? They're referees, not real people.

19 Better QB Choices Than Brett Favre-Buzzfeed

That's it? Just 19?