Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Thunderstruck

The Stanley Cup Final has been deeply lopsided.

Lightning on cusp of rare Stanley Cup sweep but still have 'work to do' in Game 4 | ESPN
What a headline. Look, I have no inherent problem with the Tampa Bay Lightning; by the second round they were probably my third choice for the Cup at worst, but if they want to take the next game off and keep taking the next game off until October, I will not complain.

Will the Canadiens' lack of offensive punch be their season-ending roadblock? |
The "defense wins championships" crowd always forgets that you still have to score more goals than the other team, and also forgets that the NHL's best teams can score at will. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but here we are.

‘Just leave it all out there’: On returning for a fifth year | The Ice Garden
It's good to see plans being made to allow NCAA athletes a chance to make up their lost seasons.

Andre Tourigny hoping to give struggling Arizona Coyotes 'fresh start' | ESPN
Well, um, good luck?

Agent: Eichel, Sabres nearing resolution on treatment for herniated disk |
This situation is so incredibly shady to me--it really feels like either the team or Eichel's doctor must be giving him very bad advice, though I guess there's still a sliver of space for the possibility of a simple miscommunication or honest disagreement.