Sunday's Dump & Chase: Treading Water

8-6-2 after 16 games. That's about as average as you can get. Just think what could've been if they hadn't flushed the Phoenix game down the toilet. Or if they'd remembered to start a goalie in Winnipeg. I don't know about you, but I'm sending lots of hugs and warm fuzzies to

Nashville Predators News

Shutout highlights Nashville Predators' defensive lapses | The Tennessean

Which is odd. With a roster stacked with #Grit, we should be "tougher to play against".

Patten's Plus-Minus: Nashville Predators at Winnipeg Jets - The Predatorial

Its should probably be just "minus".

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Devils now among worst shootout teams in NHL history |

Man, I hope we can score the 5 goals we'll need to force a shootout tonight.

Panthers problems go much, much deeper than coaching staff | Post-to-Post

Take it easy on 'em, guys. They're working in a very dangerous and bizarre environment.

Patrick Kane: Seguin has ‘every tool in the book’ | ProHockeyTalk

Including this super sweet bottle opener.

Blue Jackets’ Helmet Decal Reads ‘Clumbus,’ Joins Nashville ‘Perds’ in NHL Spelling Blunders |

I guess they hire from the SEC schools in Columbus, too.

Capitals Defenseman Karl Alzner Goes Hulk Hogan On Celebration [VIDEO]-Busted Coverage


Field of Play: Taking aim at doping ahead of Sochi | CBC Sports

PREDICTION: Several athletes will get caught doping. And most of them will be snowboarders.

Leafs' Kulemin on Russia's patriotic video -

Some Russian guys made a "Pride" video. Huh.

Hockey Players: Let Them Drink Beer | The Province

Yet another reason I'm proud to be an American.

Life as a Hockey Mascot-The Hockey Writers

This sounds like one of the worst jobs ever.