Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Tumbleweedkend

It’s less than a full week into July. I feel like more things should still be happening. In the meantime, catch up on what is.

I’ve been doing D&Cs for less than eight months; I have no idea how the people who’ve been bringing you links every week for years manage to keep coming up with titles.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Preds Official Podcast: Welcome, Matt Duchene | Nashville Predators
I guess two giant splash photos, a sidebar image, and 4/5 sidebar links already being about Duchene wasn't enough to make sure we were really getting adequate coverage of this signing.

Please announce contract extensions for Colton Sissons and Rocco Grimaldi soon, Preds. Or Roman Josi, for that matter, though that’s less likely over the next few days. Maybe some wedding coverage instead? I just feel like the motif is in dire need of some variation.

Other News & Notes

Dubas on Marner talks: Leafs to 'get as creative as we possibly can' |
It's such a slow news day that we might have to talk about Mitch Marner. Someone hurry up and make une offre hostile (an offer sheet, if you missed the June 30th French lesson) so the rest of us can get put out of our misery.

Johansson gives Sabres scoring, versatility | ProHockeyTalk
They like this two-year deal for Marcus Johansson because they think he'll be able to get a better long-term deal when it ends. 1) He'll be 30 when it ends, and we're already seeing teams devote more cap to young stars, which is going to mean dwindling returns for UFAs. 2) He also has a worrying concussion history. Well, good luck to him.

NWHL Notebook and #ForTheGame Updates | The Victory Press
Here's a quick refresher on what's been happening this summer, as well as news on the Buffalo Beauts' branding and the expansion attempt.

Rangers, Islanders, Devils all creating buzz in offseason | ProHockeyTalk
It's an exciting time to be a hockey fan in the greater New York metropolitan area. (Yes, that includes North Jersey. Sorry, visiting Devs fans, I was born and raised in New York.)

Then & Now: Women's Hockey in 1997 vs. 2019 | The Victory Press
"Too Many Men on the Ice" is a fantastic title for a book about how women's hockey should be more of a thing. This article takes a look back at what people were hoping for for the pro women's game a few--[checks calendar]--uh, 22 years ago, and where it is now.

Jeez. 22 years. When did that happen? 1997 wasn't that long ago!

Flames’ Talbot ready to put last season behind him | ProHockeyTalk
Didn't the last goalie to escape Edmonton win a Masterton for it? Talbot probably is indeed looking forward to playing somewhere else.