Sunday’s Dump & Chase: When September...Begins

Almost there.

If yesterday was a slow news day, today is a stopped news day. News gridlock?

Why Devils' Wayne Simmonds is betting on himself: 'It's redemption' |
Narratively speaking, he and the Devils are a great fit, and I really do wish him and P.K. Subban well there.

What can we expect from Patrik Laine in 2019-20? | ProHockeyTalk
Laine's 2018-19 was such a weird season--and a 30-goal season in the NHL really isn't that bad at his age, or any age, except that he scored almost two-thirds of those goals in a single calendar month. Luck? Curses? Who can say. When Laine is scoring, people don't find fault with the rest of his game, and when he's not, it's nonstop criticism, which is probably making contract negotiations very interesting, if Jets management feels the same.

Quick Shifts: Don't wait for Mitch Marner to be the first domino |
Nobody is waiting for Mitch Marner to do anything, ever, at this point. I would sooner wait for the heat death of the universe. Still, there are some interesting bits about other players' summer moves and plans in here.

The best single season performances in NWHL history | The Ice Garden
Mike Murphy digs into some analytics for the NWHL, and turns up some interesting trends--the league's first couple of years featured some legendary performances, while some familiar names were still doing amazing things in 2018-19.