Sunday’s Dump & Chase: Whole Little Love

Rough weekend in Smashville.

Recap: Nashville Predators 2, Detroit Red Wings 4: This Is Bad | On the Forecheck
Are you one of those people who comedically emphasizes "yikes" as "yicycles" (like “bikes”/”bicycles”), or are you an old-fashioned "YIKES" kind of person?

(I am not a "yicycles" kind of person. Just for the record. Please don't yell at me.)

Here Are the Ugliest Contracts in the NHL Today | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
Matt Duchene is on this list, and they note that the only reason Ryan Johansen isn't is that his contract is expiring in a couple of years. Wheeeeeee...!

Canucks back up owner's statement with breakthrough effort vs. Flames |
Oh. Well. Isn't that nice for them.

Hurricanes-Senators trade: Paquette, Galchenyuk to CAR; Dzingel to OTT | ProHockeyTalk
So this is kind of a weird one. I feel really bad for Alex Galchenyuk. Therrien and Bergevin between them destroyed his development and his confidence--after what he got put through in Montreal, in his place I probably would have quit hockey.

Whitney Dove of the Beauts deserves your attention | The Ice Garden
You had me at skilled-skating defender.

Brian Burke says Penguins need to play 'ugly hockey' | ProHockeyTalk
I, not a Penguins fan, support this message.

New PWHPA team to play USPHL teams in Tampa | The Ice Garden
Tomorrow and Wednesday morning will feature more PWHPA hockey, though given the mounting evidence in support of on-ice transmission I'm struggling to feel excitement.

Kings' Scout Blake Bolden Happy to Play the Role of Trailblazer | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
"“It kind of takes me back to when I played Triple A boys hockey in Cleveland,” she said. “You know you’re qualified and you know you can do the job, but you don’t particularly know the guys that well, and they don’t know you that well.”"

Akil Thomas is redefining what it means to be young and Black in pro hockey |
Here's your Sunday long read. I'm genuinely impressed that Thomas recognizes the importance of a work-life balance, something so many young pro hockey players struggle with. Good for him, and good luck to him.