Sunday's Dump & Chase: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Well, I had gluten-free pizza, but nothing rhymes with that, so here we are. Early on, we were certainly &quot;tough to <strike>watch</strike> play against&quot;, but the guys pulled it out late to send the folks home happy. Next up is a very winnable game against Florida on Tuesday...can they keep

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators welcome Viktor Stalberg back to ice after injury | The Tennessean

Not much from him last night, but let's give him a few games to get back in the flow.

Smashville 24/7 - Trotz: Penalty kill ‘huge’ in 3-2 win

It was definitely an improvement over the last couple of games.

Battling through early season frustration, Nashville is learning how to win - The Predatorial

And that winning formula appears to be "shoot from the blueline and hope it goes in." Very unorthodox.

Nashville Predators: Offense Starting to Come Together-Sunbelt Hockey

One game, huh? Let's see 'em string a couple together first before we make that judgment. Guilty until proven innocent.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

VIDEO: Sidney Crosby records hat trick against Lightning -

For all you Preds fans out there, a "hat trick" happens when a single player scores 3 goals in a game. I'm told it's very exciting.

Video: Canucks score bizarre own goal | Puck Drunk Love

Oh, you'll LOL out loud on this one, guys. What a bunch of dummies.

Colorado Avalanche remains unbeaten with victory at Washington - The Denver Post

It turns out you can also be "tough to play against" when you score 4-5 goals a game. Huh.

Past cannot justify the present when it comes to fighting in hockey - The Globe and Mail

I guess we're going to be talking about this forever and ever and ever and ever.

USHL game suspended after Dylan Chanter suffers scary injury in fight - Yahoo Sports

See above. And btw, the video is a bit...rough.

McLellan on Hertl after Sharks 3-2 win: "He’s a little bit sore, but I think he’ll be fine tomorrow" | Working the Corners

He scored his 7th goal last night. SEVEN. Quick Poll: In what month will ANY Predator get to seven goals?

On the Penguins: Winning with 'youth' - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Marketing to younger people is pretty smart, because, on average, they'll be alive a lot longer than older people.

New York Rangers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly-The Hockey Writers

Take it easy on Lundqvist, guys. It's probably really, really hard to play in goal with those leather pants on underneath his uniform.

Bakersfield Condors are giving away free burial plots - FOX Sports

It's a lot more useful than a one day gym membership. Although, use of the one may delay the need for the other.