Sunday’s Open Thread: Midsummer

We’ve got two different holidays, and the only news that’s happened is rehashing yesterday’s bombshells.

I just don’t have the energy to comment “the NHL is making bad choices” on another four or five articles about what it isn’t doing, what other sports (MLB) are doing, etc. There isn’t any news. The whole problem is that there is no news.

I don’t want to do 1919 again, but the NHL seems determined to put itself on the same collision course to permanent health impairments/maybe fatalities, all in the name of awarding a Cup that they’re ultimately not going to be able to award. It seems almost unbearably frivolous to be talking about potential plans for re-opening in July, when over 5% of players tested in the last two weeks have tested positive and that number will likely keep rising. Shut down. Stay safe.

Best wishes to all of you for your health and safety, and those of your loved ones.