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Terry Crisp will pass the torch to Stu Grimson this coming season

Via Josh Cooper of the Tennessean today comes some slightly sad news:

Longtime color analyst Terry Crisp will no longer travel with the team, and will move to a “behind the desk” role during home broadcasts.

Instead, Crispy will be replaced by Stu Grimson.

The news isn’t all that surprising, especially after rumblings at the end of last season that Crisp wanted to take a “new “avenue” with his role on the team. Given his age and a health scare he had with his wife, you can’t fault him for wanting to lessen his workload and intense travel schedule. In any case, the man has absolutely earned the choice to take a step back.

The silver lining is he won’t be disappearing completely from the the team just yet. Whatever his role, we’d like to thank Mr. Crisp for everything he’s done for the Predators and for hockey, and are grateful he’ll still be around to teach us more about the game.

Let’s dedicate the comments section to your favorite memories, calls and encounters with Terry Crisp.

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