The Ballad of Filip Scoresberg

In honor of the kid that's transforming the Nashville Predators.

Filip Forsberg just got done representing the Predators in Columbus for the 2015 All-Star Game. He's broken Nashville rookie records, is the runaway favorite for the Calder Trophy, and is a wizard with the puck. He's also only 20 years old.

Basically, we're telling you what you already know: you are watching something no one in Nashville has ever seen before. It's almost become commonplace, the things he does game in an game out. He's going to be part of the Filip Coresberg of this team for a long, long time. One day, you'll tell your grandkids what you were a part of. Filip's story is going to be passed down through the ages, so memorize it now:

One March evening, three deadlines past

Old friend Marty was dealt at last

A prospect shunned would take his place

His name was Filip Forsberg

Tons of talent, skill and speed

He had it all, this young Swede

Hands of silk and skates of grace

Transcended Filip Loresberg

Yet Nashville's roster he could not crack

Defensive grit would hold him back

So in the A he'd work and toil

Knocking at the Filip Doorsberg


Until the moment finally came

The entire world should know his name

A prince so gallant and so royal

All bow to Filip Scoresberg

Nets were filled and goal lights lit

Curls dragged, defenses split

With every goal and point they saw

The crowd would Filip Roarsberg

Embrace, the Music City did

For they'd seen nothing like this kid

Fans and coaches watched in awe

Jaws on the Filip Floorsberg


"Not enough!" you'd hear them say

The stands were packed to see him play

He couldn't get enough exposure

They'd beg for Filip Moresberg

And someday soon, Preds fans can dream

However foolish it does seem

A silver chalice runneth o'er

With champagne from Filip Poursberg

Clad in Gold, this number nine

A generation he'll define

For sure and yeah, yeah, for sure

Nashville, he's Filip Yoursberg