The Best of the Season Tournament Semi Final: Head to Head Again

Carter John Hutton and Eric Thore Nystrom duel it out once more to play for the championship.

At this point, this match up may come down to how Pete Weber called the play. Each highlight is an amazing feat that no one could have predicted. They each come with their own caveats, as well. The team didn't win for Nystrom (and Trotz didn't even pick him for the shootout!) and Hutton's was pure, unadulterated luck. But we ask one simple question:

Who cares?

As fans, we are going to remember these two instances forever. Ditto for Nystrom and Hutton. Unless either one is able to capture the Cup, this may well be their career highlights. If not, at least one of their absolute favorite moments.

Watch them one more time, and make your decision on who moves on to the Final.

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Who wins?

Carter J. Hutton104
Eric T. Nystrom67