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The Official OTF Glossary

I’ve seen this on several different blogs (Japer’s Rink, Second City Hockey, Mile High Hockey 1, Mile High Hockey 2, Lighthouse Hockey) and I think it’s a great idea. OtF has, from what I’ve gathered, become significantly more popular in the last year or two, and with that popularity has come more users, more nicknames, more references, more inside jokes, more memes, and more of an OtF community. That being said, I thought it might be fun to put together a “OtF Glossary” that included and defined all these things. Not only would it be a fun read, but it could be helpful for new members or visitors. Write suggestions for other terms in the comments, and I’ll add them if everyone thinks they’re good! Rec ones you like. I’m sure there are a bunch of things I’ve missed.

Note: For more discussion on this, check out the original FanPost. If you have suggestions for more entries here, email the.forechecker@gmail.com).


General OtF Terminology / Events

Beardwagon Fans: The lovely fans from teams around the league who venture over to OtF to cheer on the Predators during the playoffs; applicable to any playoff season, as long as Shea Weber grows his Webeard.

#BlameWeber: The 2012 playoff post hoc phenomenon of “It’s Weber’s fault!” (after the Weber/Zetterberg incident) as in: “Players are confused about what’s acceptable because of the light punishment handed down to Shea Weber!” as an explanation for the large number of unrelated disciplinary problems that landed on Brendan Shanahan’s desk after the incident. For example: claiming that Raffi Torres’ unjustifiable head-hunting of Marian Hossa was somehow Weber’s fault because Weber got away from a head-related incident without suspension, so Torres shouldn’t have expected a suspension.

The Bridge: The Bridgestone Arena, home of the Predators.

The Bromance: Ryan Suter and Zach Parise’s relationship, which ended up pulling Ryan away from Nashville because Zach didn’t want to play in Nashville, Ryan wanted to play with Zach, and Zach thought it would be fun to play in Minnesota, so he convinced Ryan to leave and go to Minnesota with him.

Brostitsyns: Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn, when Andrei played here.

Catfish: Nashville’s version of Detroit’s octopus; catfish will often be tossed to the ice during any given playoff game, and more than likely during games against Detroit (playoff or regular). Could be considered a Rally Catfish.

Edot: Matin Erat’s name as pronounced by the Carolina Hurricanes‘ jumbotron announcers during a 2011 preseason game.

FIRE [Trotz/Poile/Gnash/Players/Random-OtF-User/Zamboni Driver/Catfish]!!!!: Originally a joke mocking the silliness of mass panic after losses in the regular season; more recently this has become a serious comment. Do not make this comment with a legit name (i.e., Poile/Trotz) unless you are willing to get into it with someone about the employment status of said person – pro or con.

Free Willy: Get Colin Wilson out of the doghouse! Free Willy!

The F-U Goal: EPIC GOAL scored by Shea Weber during a Predators blow out of Chicago March 25, 2012. This goal was scored 36 seconds after a Chicago goal. Sergei Kostitsyn giggles like a school girl. (Also an appearance by He Who Shall Not Be Named, who is currently in Minnesota.)

Gold Out: The donning of gold shirts by the entire arena, producing this effect.

The Great Fire Sale of 2007: The liquidation of assets (resulting in the departure of Tomas Vokoun, Scott Hartnell, Kimmo Timonen, Peter Forsberg, and Paul Kariya) that was a not-so-indirect result of the failed hijacking of the Predators franchise by then-owner Craig Leipold and RIM founder Jim Balsillie. This event may have inspired some in Philadelphia and surrounding areas to consider Nashville a farm-team working on behalf of Eastern Conference sides.

Insiderrrrrrrrrr: Any name written with one letter repeated over and over is a reference to the oh-so-informed Hockeyy Insiderr, a gentleman who attempts to report on NHL trade rumors, but really sucks at it.

KleinFlu: Kevin Klein got very sick with the flu this past year, then played spectacularly upon his return; the KleinFlu is good and has magical qualities that make players go on hot streaks.

KleinHawk: Mohawk trend among defensemen started by Kevin Klein during the 2012 playoff season. Players who joined in included Hal Gill, Roman Josi, and Francis Bouillon.

…ladies: The appropriate response to a hockey-related comment that could be misconstrued as sexual.

Lambert Flow / Lane’s Mane: Reference to Lane Lambert’s newly (and ridiculously) long hair.

Midnight Munchies: Particularly despised Taco Bell commercial. Often pops up during discussions of other despised commercials, including O’Charley’s, the Geico screaming pig (since removed from the air), JG Wentworth, the Verizon crying mother and daughter (also since removed), the dating site for farmers, and creepy car commercial in which the older brother hits on his little sister’s friend.

OMGEE!!!: Excited expression based, initially, on Francis Bouillon’s face in this picture, and later in this picture.

The Phantom Crack: An alleged crack in Henrik Zetterberg’s helmet as a result of the 2012 playoff incident with Shea Weber (see: Webering). True evidence of the crack never surfaced.

Predobear: Creation by 3DLink that shows up when conversations have… well… Predobear appropriate content. He takes many forms, including The Original, The Winking Original, The Peeker, and The Creeping, Winking Peeker. While the inspiration for Predobear comes from Pedobear, we strongly avoid linking the two: the Predators are not predators, and Predobear is not Pedobear.

PredWings: Substantial but diminishing segment of Predators fan base made up largely of Michiganders who moved to Middle Tennessee to seek opportunities in the area’s expanding auto manufacturing industry; many revert to Red Wing gear when Detroit plays at the Bridge, although that number noticeably decreased during the most recent first round of the Playoffs; a few, such as OtF manager Dirk Hoag, have become respected and appreciated observers of the hockey scene in Nashville.

#RadsWatch: The flurry of chaos, activity, and excitement in early March 2012 surrounding the rumored return of KHL superstar and Predators first round pick Alexander Radulov (spoiler alert: he came back); many teams around the NHL, and specifically those teams in the Central Division, were very unhappy about this

Section 303: Section of the Bridge originally occupied on October 10, 1998, by former Nashville Knights fans who created loud choruses to support an expansion team composed of cast-offs and could-bes and have since defined the Predator Fan. Section303.com has a useful list of chants used during Predators home games.

Tire Barn: Another nickname for the Bridgestone Arena, home of the Predators

TOG3THER: The Predators way of honoring #3 Wade Belak, forever a Predator and the ultimate team guy.

#VoteRinne: Plea to vote for Pekka Rinne over Claude Giroux for the EASports NHL13 cover (Pekka did not win, despite incredible efforts from fans on Twitter, the city of Nashville, and Gnash and the team).

We want Crosby!: Originally reported by J.R. Lind; “We want frosties!” was chanted during a 2010 Predators-Penguins game and misheard by a Tennessean sports reporter: “Midway through the third period Thursday night, a few hundred Predators fans chanted, “We want Crosby! We want Crosby!”

Webering: Term for the “interaction” that took place between Shea Weber and Henrik Zetterberg during the 2012 playoffs; has been parodied by many, many fans, both of the Predators and of other teams. This term has expanded to other fan bases as well, due to the huge publicity surrounding this event.


Game-Relevant OtF Terminology

David Legwand Hat Trick: Goal, Assist, Baby (12/21/2009); repeated by Martin Erat in February of 2012 with the birth of his son Sebastian.

– Doggy: Suffix added to the end of a player’s name to denote excitement, usually after said player has scored a goal (i.e., WEB DOGGY!, HORN DOGGY! FISH DOGGY!)

Don’t Cross the Streams!: Friendly reminder not to post links to websites streaming Predators games illegally.

Drink: Reference to the OtF Drinking Game.

Hands go up!: PREDS WIN!!! Reference to All I Do is Win, which is played in the Bridge after the Preds win. The appropriate response to this is “and they stay there!”

Fang Fingers: Power Play. Dunno who this guy is, but he’s doin’ Fang Fingers.

Frist: First comment on a GDT; reference to Senator Bill Frist. Often accompanied by an amusing picture of Frist.

Frosties: If the Predators score 4 goals, tickets redeemed at Wendy’s get a free Frosty.

GDT: Game Day Thread; the post put up by Dirk an hour before every Predators game. Fans who cannot attend the game use the GDT to live vicariously through both the TV broadcast and other fans.

GooGoo Goal: Preds goal scored in the final two minutes of the second period at the Bridge; fans receive a voucher for a free GooGoo Cluster.

Headonaswivel!: The act of being aware of your surroundings, as noted by color analyst Terry Crisp.

Honey Badger: Nickname for Craig Smith; he shoots the puck on a team that never shoots. He don’t care that he isn’t supposed to shoot the puck. Honey Badger don’t give a shit. Has expanded to a motivational meme (see: TO WAR).

The Hornqvist Interval: The time between the freezing of the puck and the whistle that opposing defenders use to facewash, cheap-shot, elbow, slap, punch, or otherwise harass (with seeming immunity from sanction) Patric Hornqvist in front of an opponent’s goal.

Kilt: Predators kill a penalty; often accompanied by an actual picture of a kilt.

LENGY: David Legwand scoring an ENG (he does this a lot).

Let’s Go Predators!: An obligatory text-chant at the beginning of the game (and often each period); requisite response: “CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP”

Marty Party: What happens when Martin Erat scores; often accompanied by an image or two, courtesy of OddManRush. Best not be tardy to the Marty Party!

MOAR: A plee for more of something (usually goals).

The Motorboat Line: Whenever Andrei (Big Tits) and Sergei (Little Tits) played wing on the same line, thus surrounding the center with “tits”.

Nap: Always happens during the second period.

Pew Pew: Power Play

RIGHTINFRONT!!!!: When the puck is RIGHTINFRONT!!!! of the net, and Pete Weber about has a heart attack (and gives us all heart attacks) while relaying this information. It does not matter if the puck is in front of the Predators net or the opposing net… you will be given a small heart attack either way.

S-Word: Mention that Pekka Rinne has a shutout at your own risk. You will be hounded into oblivion for the remainder of the evening when the other team scores.

Schmozzle Alert: Whenever Crispy says “schmozzle” during a game; refers to generally chaotic play.

Shutout: Wonderful experience for Pekka Rinne; also guarantees fans a free donut from Dunkin’ Donuts!

SOB Scoreboard Point: During the 2011 playoff series against the Ducks, Shane O’Brien retorted to some Ducks chirping by pointing to the scoreboard.

Titles: If you’re gonna post a picture or gif on a GDT (or any other extremely long thread), title it so people with slow computers can minimize them if needed. Failure to do so may result in the image being deleted.

TONIGHT WE RIDE TO WAR: Another 3DLink creation that created absolutely hysterical chaos upon its debut due to its awesomeness. It depicts Predobear riding a Honey Badger on a cloudy, yet moonlit, night. It’s epic, and it also comes in Vader Style. It’s the official OtF rally picture.

Too Much Man: A too many men on the ice penalty; reference to this picture.

Trotzy’s Doghouse: Healthy-scratched players who haven’t been doing their jobs according to Trotz’s standard; the press box.

Webeard: The monstrous beard grown by Shea Weber during the 2011 playoff season. It may or may not have magical powers, and it may or may not have its own fist, stick, and ability to score goals. But it probably does.

WIIIIIIIILLLLLSOOOOOOOOOONNN!: Cisar’s motivational scream to Colin Wilson.


The (Probably Underutilized) OtF Drinking Game

The current rules may or may not be changed during the upcoming season… just kind of depends if anyone gets around to doing it / remembers to do it / wants to do it / etc. (EDIT: Definitely needs to be updated, so probably best just to ignore this for the time being.)

Take a drink when:

  • We lose a faceoff in our offensive zone
  • Klein (or the current flavor of the month) is spoken of in a derogatory manner in the GDTs
  • “Head on a swivel” is heard
  • Any time the announcers mention Crosby
  • Any time the announcers mention Rinne’s Weber or Suter’s contract(s)
  • Sergei Kostitsyn takes an honest-to-God SOG
  • The Preds take an honest-to-God SOG on the PP
  • The announcers (not Pete and Terry) make a tall goalie comment
  • Pete and Terry say “EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED!”
  • Terry talks about “lolly-gagging”/

Finish your drink when:

  • Leggy scores a SHG or ENG
  • McGrattan gets in a fight
  • Weber breaks a stick
  • The term “Loosey Goosey” is heard
  • The Predators get a breakaway chance


Classic Quotes

“Blitzen… Jupiter… Rudolph… Saturn…”: Colin Wilson, when asked to name all eight reindeer for a holiday video.

“I DID NOT TOUCH THE POTATO!”: Alexander Radulov to Darcy Hordichuk while doing community work at Wendy’s back in 2008. Alex was loading fries into a cup, but seriously – he did not touch the potato!

“Ping-Pong in the Ding-Dong!”: During the Nashville/Detroit playoff series, Gabby Bourque nailed Ryan Ellis in the “ding-dong” with a soccer ball in pre-game warmups. Ron MacLean went with, “Well, he can’t play ping-pong, so he got a ping-pong in the ding-dong!” Instant classic.

“S**t’s gonna happen.”: Patric Hornqvist dropped this nice little snippet dropped by during an intermission interview.

“So I will try.”: Sergei Kostitsyn will try to shoot the puck. Reference to this quote from an intermission interview.

“Welcome to flight school!”: Pete Weber’s reaction to Ryan Ellis absolutely destroying Wayne Simmons.


Current Team Members

Brandon Yip (18)

Brian McGrattan (23): Big Ern, Augrattan, Mayor McCheese (Traded to Calgary 2013)

Chris Mason (30)

Colin Wilson (33): Willy

Craig Smith (15): Honey Badger (HB)

David Legwand (11): Leggy

Gabriel Bourque (57): Gabby, Bork

Hal Gill (75): Treebeard, Halibut, Skillsy, The Pylon

Jonathon Blum (7): Blum, Blummer

Kevin Klein (8): KK

Martin Erat (10): Marty, Rat, Marty Party

Matt Halischuk (24): Hustle, Hustlechuk

Mike Fisher (12): Fish, Mr. Underwood (<– used sarcastically)

Nick Spaling (13): Spals, Spals to the Wall

Patric Hornqvist (27): Horny, Horn Dog

Paul Gaustad (28): Goose

Pekka Rinne (35): Peks

Roman Josi (59)

Ryan Ellis (49): Pocket Rocket, Human Rocket Ship (HRS)

Scott Hannan (22)

Sergei Kostitsyn (74): Tits, SK74, Theon Greyjoy

Shea Weber (6): Webeard, The Beard


Predators People (Past Players, Current Staff, and Notable Individuals)

Bearforce: An exaggeration of Pete Weber’s pronunciation of former Predator Niclas Bergfors’ last name; also ironic, because Bearforce was neither a bear, nor a force.

Crispy: Terry Crisp of Pete and Terry; he’s getting old and enjoys tossing out really random phrases during games.

Fake Anders: The awesome fake Twitter account of ex-goalie Anders Lindback; not as active anymore, as he’s now going to be in Tampa Bay.

GMDP: General Manager David Poile

Gnash (00): The indefatigable mascot of the Predators and host of The Awesome T-Shirt Cannon Parties that the Predators seasons are built around; known to rappel from the rafters during weekend games, and is the fixture of a number of fine stoppage-of-play production pieces.

The Grim Reaper: Stu Grimson, former Predators enforcer and current radio color guy for many games; also an attorney. Currently in a commercial for the Foundation for a Better Life, in which he sings The Itsy Bisty Spider to his daughter.

Horachek: Terrifying assistant coach Peter Horachek.

Jere Karalahti: Defenseman traded from LA for Cliff Ronning who had a reputation for using drugs; he didn’t stay long.

Lord Voldemort/He Who Shall Not Be Named: A recent development in the nicknaming of ex-Predator Ryan Suter

Lurch/Toby: Special Teams Coach Lane Lambert, who looks a lot like Lurch and Toby Flenderson.


Relevant and Somewhat Important People at OtF

Dirk Hoag: Manager of OtF.

Sam Page: Mucker (i.e., assistant manager)

George Scoville: Grinder (i.e., writer)

Chris Rydburg: Grinder (i.e., writer)

Caroline (davisca): Grinder/Enforcer (i.e., writer/moderator)

3DLink: Enforcer (i.e., moderator)