The On the Forecheck move

The seamless move to new hosting we’d hoped for won’t be happening.

I had hoped that we would be able to seamlessly transfer to the new site, but it’s sounding like there may be a little bit of disruption at the end of the week, with potentially multiple days before the domain name transfer is completed. What’s more, SBNation will be closing down the backend of the site on the evening of tomorrow, March 30th, so that they can copy all the old posts to give us to transfer to the new site.

The temporary address for the new On the Forecheck is — if you’d like to sign up right now, you can! (Unfortunately, comment history won’t be able to transfer.)

I think the comments section here, at this incarnation of OTF, will still work through Friday. However, we’ll have a game thread at the new site as well as at this one, just in case. The new site is also where tomorrow’s recap will have to be posted, since by the time tomorrow’s game ends we will no longer have access to post here.

Friday’s Dump & Chase will be at the new site, as well as future content going forward; hopefully by Saturday we’ll have completed the archive import and all the old posts will be at the new site, but it depends on the size of the archive, when we get it, and a few other things.

You’ll also still be able to find us on Twitter at @OntheForecheck, for any urgent updates while the change is in process. I’m still hoping that the domain name transfer goes through quickly and smoothly, but it’s dependent on several factors outside our control.

Once that’s done, will bring you to the live site—if you go a few days without checking in, the only difference you should note will be a changed layout and a different commenting interface. It’s the daily readers who might run into a snag here, and we’ll do everything we can to minimize it.