The P.K. Subban Sportsnet Interview: Part II

P.K. Subban sat down with Eric Engels of Sportsnet and discussed being traded from Montreal to Nashville. Here is part two of the interview.

In case you missed it, you can watch part one of the interview as well as read our reactions, here.

Mark: The question we all wanted to hear Subban answer: "Why do you believe you were traded?" Some may interpret it in a different way, but Subban's answer basically sounded like "I don't know", in my opinion. He said he gave everything and tried to represent the Habs as best he could, and my initial reaction was that Subban may have been as surprised about the news as hockey fans around the world were.

Subban's answer to whether or not his personality is too big for the locker room is a bit cliche, but still the right answer in which he says at the end of the day he has always been team first.

Sidebar: Most people understand that Subban is a one of a kind person and a one of a kind hockey player. He has his own brand that he is extremely proud of, and should be. What I don't understand is how there are legitimate human beings that think that him building and having his own brand and style is something bad or a 'distraction' to his team and play on the ice.

It's funny, because last time I checked, Subban was in the entertainment business. NO KIDDING he has his own brand.

And one other thing, he's one of what, five guys in the ENTIRE NHL that a reporter, journalist or run of the mill fan would run to in order to talk to simply because off of the ice he is one of the players you can count on ONE HAND in this league that has a consistent and legitimate personality around the media and fans.

Anish: Part two of the Sportsnet Interview with Subban was just as good as part one for me. Once again, Subban proved to be calm and composed while answering the tough questions.
The biggest take away for me in this interview was how grateful Subban was to the Canadiens' organization and the city of Montreal. He even goes on to say that Montreal is his second home. The fact that he mentioned that he had a lot of good memories in Montreal, and that is what he wants to remember in his time there just shows you how big of a person he is. He could have easily burned that bridge, but took the high road instead. That is all class, in my opinion.
Subban then went on to discuss briefly about moving to Nashville. While he was talking, I could sense that he is ready to get to work and contribute to this team and to the city of Nashville.
He also mentioned earlier in the interview that he has to be the best player he can be in order for the team to succeed. I think this attitude will be contagious in the Predators' locker room, and I can't wait to see it on the ice this upcoming season.