Thursday's Dump & Chase: Homecoming

Today is the long-awaited return of P.K. Subban to La belle province, and the Montreal media is buzzing as usual. I've got the over/under of questions they ask him about Nashville set at .5.

Nashville News & Notes

"Home is Where the Heart is" as P.K. Subban Returns | Nashville Predators
The game tonight would be appointment television even if we weren't interested in one of the teams.

Predators' P.K. Subban unsure how he'll handle return to Montreal | The Tennessean
I really want to see how Subban looks after another summer.

Beneath The Ice (S3:E9) Grit |
In which the players have an entire conversation on the bench about frosties.

Around Hockey

Down Goes Brown: NHL Trade Deadline winners and losers -
The real winners: those of us who were treated to a dramatic reading of the conditions of the Shattenkirk trade.

Statistically Speaking: Breaking down the deadline deals -- TSN
Your guide to sounding smart about the pile of nothing that happened yesterday.

Five straight wins have the Flames feeling confident | ProHockeyTalk
They just have to stay ahead of St Louis or Los Angeles.

Vegas Golden Knights officially join NHL | USA Today
Get used to saying thirty-one, because it's official now.

Dropping the salary cap, Trade Deadline Classic, trade windows would help improve the trade deadline | ESPN
The media was really bored and had a lot of time to fill.

Jonathan Toews named NHL Star of the Month |
Filip Forsberg took home second star honors, mirroring his performance from last season.

After 60 years, street hockey will be legal in Hamilton again -- CBC News
It's been illegal for sixty years?!

Best moments from Canada's crazy NHL Trade Deadline coverage | Yahoo Sports
I'm just here for the Letterkenny cameos.

Duchene and Landeskog remain with Avalanche, Iginla and Martinsen depart – The Denver Post
Now taking bets on how little Sakic is going to manage to get for the duo.