Thursday's Dump & Chase: Every Week Has a Weekend

That&#39;s a comforting statement. It&#39;s been a rough week. Yesterday saw a guy terrorize people at the cheap movie theater in Hickory Hollow. And on a personal note, my old high school&#39;s former special ed teacher, who is now the county schools&#39; child psychologist <a href="

Nashville Predators News & Notes

"Best All-Star Game Ever" Right on Schedule - Nashville Predators - Features
Considering the game hasn't been played yet, I'd say it is indeed on schedule.

Summer Ramblings, Vol. 27 | Admirals Roundtable
Rich Clune audio, among other things.

Around the Bored Bored World of Hockey

NHL star Patrick Kane is subject of police probe, sources say - BN Hockey
There's absolutely no detail on this as of right now. So hockey fans can do what they do best: speculate.

Carolina Hurricanes outlook for 2015-16 NHL season -'s 30 in 30 package: 2015-16
They're about a year away from being pretty good.

Las Vegas, Quebec City hit 'Phase II' of NHL expansion process | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Let's all glare at Seattle.

Red Wings' season-ticket holders will have first chance to buy tickets for outdoor game in Colorado |
Just invite the wolves to dinner, Colorado.

Coyotes and Gila River Arena to host four Arizona State hockey games in 2015-16 |
I'm 100% pro-Sun Devil hockey.

Mike Hoffman is One of the NHL's Most Lethal Scorers - TSS

Five Reasons to 'Buy' the Wild in 2015-16 - Hockey Wilderness
Not sure how Nashville is going to overcome the loss of Matt Cullen, though.

Stability is key for Blues chairman : Sports |
As in, no making trades for the sake of ma-.... WAIT A SECOND....

The fallacy of a multi-year tank, as it relates to the Leafs - Pension Plan Puppets
Only trained professionals like Edmonton can pull this off.

WATCH: 'Let's go Islanders' chant erupts at Billy Joel's Coliseum concert -
Including revisionist history from noted baseball scholar Paul Simon.

What Sutter signing means for Canucks' future -
Keep the laughter to a minimum.

Not Hockey

What would Vanderbilt's song be?

"Like a Prayer", without a doubt.

Let's do better today.