Thursday's Dump & Chase: Good Luck, Mike!

Look, nobody can be blamed for fleeing Detroit. That part I get. But going to the Toronto Dumpster Fire? That one is a bit puzzling. Yes, he got tons and tons of money...way more than any other NHL coach. But will it be worth the aggravation? The hostile media? The, um, poorly constructed roster? Th

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Astronaut's Preds Fandom is Out of This World - Nashville Predators

Far out, man.

Kelly: Babcock takes big risk by accepting Leafs’ massive reward - The Globe and Mail

I wish I could get paid like this for my mistakes. Someday.

Losing Babcock to Toronto definitely hurts - The Buffalo News

First McDavid, then this? Next up: The Buffalo wing heads to Calgary.

Stamkos at his best in Lightning Game 3 win (w/video) | Tampa Bay Times

Not sure if "Stammer" is a great nickname.

Lundqvist needs to wake up from this nightmare … now | New York Post

Maybe he really wants to get back to his leather pants and fashion shoots and whatnot. I mean, anybody can play hockey. Handsomeness is much more rare.

Tampa Bay Takes Extreme Measures to Ensure Home-Ice Advantage -

"It’s not fair," said Kovasild, who is eight months pregnant, as she sat with a blanket on her legs. "You want to come and support your team, but you can’t because they want only their fans to be here and to restrict everybody else. That’s not good." - This is a truly heartbreaking story, folks. Write your congressman, etc.

Heavy minutes for top defensemen is only option for Blackhawks - Second City Hockey

At least they have an all-world goaltender to clean up any mistakes.

Ducks Playoffs, Round 3, Game 3: Head Buttin' - Battle of California

A fantastic preview.

The 2015 NHL Playoffs All-Bust Team " Grantland

Would prefer Cody Franson appearing in the lead photo instead of Pekka, but I'm not the editor of Grantland. Although the position is open...

Nick Foligno named new Blue Jackets captain-Puck Drunk Love

"Welcome to the club!"- Captain Edward Smith, Captain Joseph Hazelwood, Captain William Bligh, and Captain Crunch.

Martin Brodeur Signs Three Year Deal To Be Blues' Assistant GM - St. Louis Game Time

I guess that whole retire his jersey, build him a statue, throw him a parade stuff makes a little more sense now.

David Letterman's Top 10 hockey moments -

So long, Dave.

Alex Ovechkin Hurriedly Looking for Next Tournament to Lose-Sports Pickle

"I want to get a waiver from the Capitals to latch on with a KHL team to lose with," said Ovechkin. "I don’t know how many more opportunities I’ll get to lose three hockey tournaments just a few days apart. Probably several. But several is not a lot."