Thursday's Dump & Chase: Happy Thanksgiving!

What's everybody up to? Personally, I'm going to do my best to stay in my X-Men pajamas all day long…even when I go to a movie later. Who's going to the game tonight? I wish I could be there, but I volunteered to do something very unwise tonight instead. Fun Fact: If you ask me for a fav

Nashville Predators News

Predators' Ryan Ellis delivers after lineup change | The Tennessean

The assist on Cullen's goal was pretty sweet.

The Edmonton Oilers' outside-the-box coach |

Maybe he should think inside the box a bit more. But not tonight. Just keep doing what you've been doing.

Ads Come Up Short in OT, 2-1 | Admirals Roundtable

Taylor Beck with his 5th goal of the season.

Around the Wide Wide World Of Hockey

30 Thoughts: NHL thrilled by media rights bonanza | CBC Sports

There's going to be more money than ever to fight over during the next lockout.

Did TSN’s overconfidence scuttle deal with NHL? - The Globe and Mail

You don't disrespect Gary Bettman.

Douglas Murray was a bloody mess after his fight with John Scott -

You play with matches, you get burned.

Cory Schneider frustrated, says "It’s Groundhog Day for me" | Puck Drunk Love

Just wait 'til Brodeur plays next year. And the year after that.

Support Canada's Heroes - Pension Plan Puppets

1. They're making a "Canada is the Best" shirt using AMERICAN APPAREL. 2. They're only $20, so if you wanted to buy one and, I don't know, light it on fire, it wouldn't cost you too much.

Under George Gosbee, Coyotes' Franchise Value Increases - Sunbelt Hockey Journal

Although not as much as it would have in Quebec or Seattle, which should prove they're really committed to that market.

AHL Player Does A Barrel Roll-Deadspin

It looks just like all those dives Ryan Kesler takes, except with an actual hit behind it.

Islanders’ anthem singer replaces ‘O Canada’ lyric with line from ‘America the Beautiful’ | Puck Daddy


How the Turner acquisition has changed Bleacher Report | Awful Announcing

No more "The 80 Sports Venues You Have to Visit Before You Die (In Pictures)?

C.J. eager for the world — and his teammates — see him race a cheetah |

We're officially out of show ideas. Go ahead and cancel your cable…there's nothing left.