Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Idling

Maybe the Preds should have gotten an extra bye gameday.

Local Graphic Designer Brings Preds Black History Month Jerseys to Life | Nashville Predators
This was really cool to learn about.

32 Thoughts: Ideas to fix All-Star weekend for 2024 in Toronto | Sportsnet
I don't know how you make the players more invested, but these are good suggestions.

Oettinger, Stars defeat Wild, push point streak to 7 |
Dallas has the right idea.

Scout's Analysis: Top 40 prospects in 2023 and how to build a draft list | Sportsnet
I'd love to know if Bukala's claim that he isn't being influenced by the scouting community just means that he's ignoring their opinions while assembling his ranking, or that he isn't choosing to engage with their opinions at all.

Bo Horvat scores in 'unbelievable' home debut with Islanders | ESPN
A good start to his career in New York.

Why good players on bad teams can’t be judged by their stats alone | Sportsnet
People like Micah Blake McCurdy have addressed how advanced stats try to isolate a player's impact, and how sometimes it IS possible to find a good player on a bad team who's getting buried by poor competition. Goals, points, save percentage, and (shudder) plus-minus definitely aren't the way to go, though.

Huberdeau needs to be 'way better' for Flames |
Reading between the lines of what Huberdeau is saying, it sounds like the Flames could probably stand to be better, too--or, more charitably, that he's just not a good fit for their coach.

Minor league hockey game a forfeit after home team no-shows | ESPN
On the one hand: I cannot believe the team simply didn't show up for the game, with no notice or warning to the fans or even, apparently, the management.

On the other hand: Given that one of the players' concerns was reportedly that there weren't enough medical personnel on site, I don't know that I blame them. Hockey is a dangerous game, and SPHL annual salaries as of a couple of years ago ranged from $4,200 to $14,000.