Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Killing Time

The Preds unfortunately don’t get a chance to extend their winning streak until Saturday, but in the meantime come take a gander at some of these sweet, sweet links.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Nashville Predators’ sellout streak ends at 192 | On the Forecheck
The “tickets distributed” streak (sellout streak is a little too disingenuous for me) comes to an end after 192 games. The streak began on April 2, 2016.

Milwaukee Admirals Musings: Wolves dominate Admirals in back to back losses | On the Forecheck
ICYMI: Milwaukee was outscored 9-3 over the weekend. Not great!

Other Hockey News & Notes

‘John Doe’ revealed as ex-Blackhawk Kyle Beach | TSN
If you haven’t watched the interview yet, I’d strongly recommend you do that today if you have the time.

Blackhawks scandal not over as many questions remain unanswered | Sportsnet
The results of an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich in 2010 shook the hockey world, but the story isn’t over yet, with many important questions still needing answers.

Joel Quenneville meeting Gary Bettman over Blackhawks scandal Thursday | Sportsnet
Florida should’ve fired Quenneville two days ago, but since he’s still there as of now, and seeing how light the penalties against the Blackhawks were, I can’t see Bettman growing a spine and forcing Quenneville to the unemployment line.

Jets GM Cheveldayoff needs to provide more info about role in Blackhawks scandal | Sportsnet
Much like Quenneville, Cheveldayoff also should’ve been fired two days ago.

Toronto Maple Leafs’ Early Woes Might Have Shown How Irrelevant the North Division Was | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
Ooof, big gut punch to all the Canadian readers out there. Your country is now irrelevant when it comes to National Hockey League.

Time to Panic? Top NHL Teams Off to Rough Starts | The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
We’re on year three of the Colorado Avalanche being everyone’s sexy Stanley Cup pick at the beginning of the year. It may just be my overwhelming pettiness speaking here, but I think we’re getting ever closer to that point in time where everybody finally acknowledges that maybe, just maybe, this team doesn’t have it in them.

NHL Power Rankings: 1-32 poll, plus early takeaways for every team | ESPN
Preds land at #18 in ESPN’s latest poll. Can’t really argue with that. I do like that they acknowledged Ryan Johansen’s hot start. This team isn’t going to do anything this year if Johansen and Duchene are simply passengers out there. So far, so good. Let’s just hope for a little consistency this year, yeah?

Which Teams Can Afford Jack Eichel? The Hockey News on Sports Illustrated
The Golden Knights and the Avalanche are the only two teams I can see taking this big of a swing, which I very much DO NOT LIKE.

That being said, the consequences of this not working would be astronomical. So I kind want one of them to try it, and just hope that they crash and burn in the process.