Thursday's Dump & Chase: Miss Me Yet?

Get "Inside the Pool" with Pierre McGuire.

One Olympic sport that I look forward to seeing each year is water polo. Forget football and toss your sticks against the boards; there's no tougher sport than water polo. People are out there trying to get the ball by choking people underwater. People claw and kick their way to victory. Do you know what's happening underwater? The refs don't either. The closest hockey can get to that level of violence is with expansion KHL teams (too soon?).

After making my salad and plopping down on my sofa one last time before moving to Columbus, I practiced my sit-and-reach by stretching for the remote control. Tuning into NBC, commercials are running. I casually laugh at the new Marco-Polo Geico ad. Then suddenly, returning from the break, it happens:

"Haaaaand this is Pierre McGuire back with more women's water polo action!"

I was floored by that...voice... It made me miss watching hockey with Pierre doing his "Inside the Glass" bit. More the hockey than "Inside the Glass" though. Summer will end soon enough, right?

Doing some research, Doc Emrick and Pierre apparently cast some of the 2012 water polo games in London. It's too bad Doc was not calling the game, but at least I was gifted a game where Pierre did not mention Sidney Crosby's name once. Additionally, Pierre shares my sentiments on water polo. That sport is pure brutality.

Nashville Predators News

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Hockey Humor

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Which player is the true "Perfect Human"?

Teemu Selanne70
Nicklas Lidstrom55
Corey Perry13