Thursday's Dump & Chase: Playing for Pride

Or whatever's left of it at this point.

Nashville Predators News

What To Watch For: Preds Training Camp - Nashville Predators
Personally, I'm most interested in seeing if/how long Kevin Fiala and Vladislav Kamenev stick around.

Other Hockey News

An Inside Look at Shea Weber's Toughness -
Miss ya bud.

How We Play Hockey In Norway | The Players' Tribune
Man I love Norway's sweaters. Timeless.

Burn down Team USA, From Its Philosophy to Its Leadership - Yahoo! Sports
Can someone remind me why Laviolette isn't the coach? Tuesday night looked like Barney Rubble trying to one-up Einstein. Nothing against domesticated dinosaur cars, but USA Hockey needs to move forward instead of backwards, and I don't see how a gritty style of play beats skill in today's day and age.

Flames to Wear Retro Uniform as Third Jersey -
On the subject of great looking sweaters, what do we have to do for the Flames to re-adopt these old-school beauties as their standard home attire?

USA Hockey Must Do Some Soul-Searching After Disastrous World Cup Showing - ESPN
If the World Cup of Hockey is a mere cash grab, isn't the United States' elimination one of the worst possible outcomes for the NHL?

Down Goes Brown: Five teams that avenged early losses | The Hockey News
Also knows as a list of great games involving former Eastern Block counties.

Team USA Players React to Phil Kessel’s Tweet as If It was a Personal Insult Toward Them - The Province
And if anyone missed the tweet and follow up from fellow Twitter God Roberto Luongo, here you go:

Fellow American snub Bobby Ryan also had some words to share:

All in all, yesterday was a great day for hockey social media.