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Thursday’s Dump & Chase: Ready for Action

I am excited to see what Andrew Brunette coaching the Preds looks like.

Ah, NHL team media days.

Seeing McDavid talk about how the captain has to manage the personalities and the emotional climate of the team, in the same sentence as it mentions he got the C at 19…oof.

I don’t know if the NHL can take another “Stamkos signs a surprise extension and it’s the least interesting thing to happen in that half-hour”. Hurry up and either sign or trade him, Tampa.

It must be surreal getting to know your new teammates in someplace that far away from where you all normally live and work.

I vote “do” rather than “die”, if I get a vote.

It’s been weird having Landeskog out for this long and counting.

This is an interesting insider’s look at how NHL teams can work to make sure coaches and players are on the same page.

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