Thursday's Dump & Chase: Still Waiting :(

Waiting for the long holiday weekend. Waiting for training camp. Waiting for the season. Just waiting.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL expansion talks emphatically shot down | ProHockeyTalk

Awww jeez, NHL, let us have some fun.

Where's the best location for 2nd Toronto team? - NHL on CBC Sports

The Air Canada Centre isn't really being used.

The Pittsburgh Penguins 2014-15 breakout player will be... - PensBurgh

It's a former Predator!

Why Were the ’80s So Insane in the NHL? " Grantland

I blame Madonna. And to a lesser extent, Alf.

Puck Daddy's Most Disappointing Summer Series: Philadelphia Flyers Edition | Puck Daddy

Another summer without acquiring Shea Weber. Maybe next year.

Jets preparing for a grueling training camp | Puck Drunk Love

Followed by a pointless regular season and an early summer.

The All-American Prospects Game will be loaded this year | Post-to-Post


NHL's top 10 unrestricted free agents available -

See if you can find a common theme here.

Flowchart: How Long Will Your NFL Suspension Be? - SportsPickle

Seems pretty easy to predict.

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