Thursday's Dump & Chase: Storms

As the mid-south prepares for a possible day of rough weather, let's remind ourselves of some #truefacts that have been lost over the last two days. This local beloved hockey team, AKA The Handsome Men's Team, just lost consecutive games for the first time since the beginning of February. Al

Nashville Predators News & Notes

The most interesting and damning details from the unsealed documents in the NHL concussion lawsuit -
Today's must read. And Tom Cigarran is a boss.

LeBrun: Predators invested a lot of time in Vesey - Audio - TSN
This segment is near 18 minutes long, but it's the good Pierre.

Predators Recall Stefan Elliott from Milwaukee - Nashville Predators - News
Hooray for depth. Let's see what ya got.

Preds, MEND Look to End Domestic Violence in Middle Tennessee
This is a bump of an older article, but tonight's broadcast will feature the MEND forums and the YWCA prominently. Also, check out for more information.

Today on Adam Vingan's Twitter

What other city would have this other than Pittsburgh? I would've guessed Milwaukee or Montreal would've done this first.

Other NHL Stuff

How to draw penalties like Nazem Kadri -
Why do the Leafs hate their own? Wow. The first line two lines are rough.

Blues await word on Fabbri injury | Morning Skate |
This is a massive deal for St. Louis.

Duncan Keith's indefensible action only adds to Blackhawks concerns - Chicago Tribune
"Duncan Keith recklessly put team in playoff jeopardy when he couldn't control impulse to retaliate as Blackhawks are fighting for postseason position." Yesterday was rough for Chicago fans.

C'Mon Ref: Plenty to break down on Keith's swing - Article - TSN
Charlie Coyle wasn't attractive to begin with, but Keith didn't improve it. At. All.

Wild's Coyle on Keith slash: 'You don't expect that ever' -
Duncan Keith has been reckless with his stick before, but this is a new level.

Ross accuser 'infuriated' at Blackhawks' reinstatement decision | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Do what's right by you, survivor.

Fighting Is On Its Way Out Of AHL By Nature And Design - TSS
I'm all for the death of staged fighting at any level, so good to see the AHL following suit.

NHL: Dustin Byfuglien Absolutely Blows Up Mark Stone | Elite Sports NY
I was once a passenger in a wreck on Briley Parkway where the driver was clipping over 100 mph and slammed into the back of a trailer. The dashboard and windshield turned into debris. thankfully, the only wounds I took from this was a mild concussion and some scars. Poor Mark Stone ended up like my friend's Altima.

Flyers vs. Capitals recap: Yes, that's a shootout win against the best team in hockey - Broad Street Hockey
For once, the Wednesday Night RIVALRY delivered in spades.

Hurricanes Offer Vegas Interesting Fallback Plan –
I'm never a fan of a team moving and a fanbase being left without a team, so I can't support this fully. Having said that, the Hurricanes aren't doing too well and need a playoff run or something very soon.

Video: Chimera catches Flyers’ Gostisbehere with butt-end of the stick – ProHockeyTalk
Not a great look for Jason Chimera.

Not Hockey

Stephen Curry is playing 1-on-5 vs. the Jazz and winning -
I rarely ever missing a Jordan playoff game growing up, but I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like Steph Curry.