Thursday's Dump & Chase: Styles Make Fights

The Blues and Blackhawks played a classic last night that ended in a shootout. Like a pair of boxers staring across the ring, they're destined to beat each other to death again. And again. And again. And again, until the salary cap forces them both to rebuild. Then there are Dallas, Nashville, a

Nashville Predators..... um.... Notes?

Yeesh. That's.... kinda all that needs to be said.

Other NHL News and Notes

WATCH: Blues' Ryan Reaves ejected for hit on Blackhawks' Ehrhoff -
Reaves is the size of a home, but it looks a lot worse than Watson's hit from Tuesday. But when you watch this video, try not to giggle at the arena music choices.

Blues goaltender sprawls to make improbable stick save on Blackhawks -
Jake Allen has range.

O'Neill on hockey: Playoffs bring out best in some teams | Blues |
It only took four paragraphs before a baseball reference. Well done, STL.

Why Jason Spezza is one of the NHL's most underrated players -
There are worse choices.

Jaroslav Halak hurt in Islanders’ victory over Penguins | Newsday
Not a great development for a team that has benefited from stellar goaltending much of the year.

Tinordi suspended 20 games for violating NHL's drug policy - Article - TSN
They should have kept John Scott, at least he would miss 20 games but still be loved.

Is the NHL playing too many outdoor games? - ESPN Video
I used to think so... but I've changed my stance. The players like it, they make money, and it's a good TV event. For a league that struggles in those three categories... let's make hay while the sun shines.

Best bounce back stories of the 2015-16 NHL season -
AKA: Good players who had a bad month earlier in the season.

‘Matter closed’ — NHL concludes allegations against Patrick Kane were ‘unfounded’ – ProHockeyTalk
Ya know... the NHL could've just said the case was closed and that would be that. But nope... "YOU WILL LIKE KANE IF YOU'RE A REAL FAN OF THE GAME" is the only stance the NHL is taking.

Nazem Kadri Doesn't Need To Prove Himself - TSS
There's nothing wrong with being a solid, two-way, 20 goal a year player.

Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at high schooler's post-game interview (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Minnesota's hockey scene makes us all jealous, even with moments like this.

It’s time for Drouin to rebuild reputation | and The Tampa Tribune
In sports, the game of 'chicken' is only won by the brave and the comfortably wealthy.

Dallas Stars: Heika: Injuries forcing the Stars into season's 'key moment' with upcoming matchups against the Central Division's best | SportsDay
The injury bug has taken up residence in the Metroplex.

Rested and refreshed, Wild prepares for playoff push -
Favorite line from this column? "Torchetti told Parise not to get frustrated."

Semyon Varlamov shuts out Anaheim Ducks in Avalanche victory - The Denver Post
A Colorado vs. Dallas series would be great TV, and I'm shamelessly pulling for it. "And your final score from the Pepsi Center, the Stars win 7 to 4 after cashing in 2 empty netters..."

We're picking a new Sharks goal song. Yep, again. - Fear The Fin
What could go wrong?

Ten Takeaways from the Canadiens vs Stars game: Galchenyuk is the future - Eyes On The Prize
This is a day stale by now, but two keys here: The Habs may have their 1C, and they do 3 on 3 very well.

Not Hockey

San Antonio Spurs Owner Steps Down, Wife Named Chairman And CEO | Deadspin
One of the best owners in North American sports history is stepping down.

How a single Jaguars fan tricked ESPN into reporting a fake NFL rumor -
I'm too proud for words.

Also, since the team is in Alberta... this is destined to be a goal song somewhere: