Thursday's Dump & Chase: Temperature Check

Here we are, 30 games in, still hanging in there at 3rd in the Central. Sure, the fellas have slipped a touch in the standings, but that&#39;s mostly due to a slightly more awesome streak by the Hawks than anything the Preds have done badly. Of course <a href="

Nashville Predators News

Preds Practice Ponderings: Dec. 17 - Nashville Predators

I wonder which part of their game they're working on...

Christmas twist: Nashville Predators surprise kids at Walmart-The Tennessean


Poile second in wins by an NHL GM, still hasn't won the big one | Nashville Post

"How many Cups do you have?"

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Mark Howe on his father’s health: ‘He’s back in the ballgame’ | ProHockeyTalk

Great news.

NHLPA boss Don Fehr: owners likely to lock out players again | Post-to-Post

Hahahahahahaha...ya think?

Devils don't feel they deserved to be booed by home fans |

The always excellent Should Fans Boo? debate hits the Garden State.

Dallas Stars jumbotron creates jokes, snark and joy | Puck Daddy

They really are the best. Look it up.

Should the NHL expand in Las Vegas? | Puck Drunk Love

I'm going to link to one of these speculative stories every time there is one because I love hockey and I love Las Vegas and mixing the two together just seems so right.

10 Lessons Everyone Can Learn From the Oilers’ Misery " Grantland

Even you.

Gotta See It: Anderson just misses scoring a goal -

He's still bald, though.

Minor League Hockey Team Scores Three Goals In The First 36 Seconds-Deadspin

Now that's an up-tempo offense, folks.

The Funniest Sports Faces of 2014 - SportsPickle

FAIR WARNING: It's a slideshow.