Thursday's Dump & Chase: Try Everything Once

Look, I'm firmly rooted in the camp of World Cup non-believers, but I'll be inside Nationwide Arena for the Canada - USA game tomorrow night. Is it because I need to accustom myself to the idea of rooting against Shea Weber? Is it because I may get to see Weber obliterate Ryan Suter into the

Nashville Predators News

Exclusive: Mike Fisher to be named Predators captain - The Tennesean
It'll be tough to fill the void left by Webs, but if anyone is experienced enough to do so, Mr. Underwood is the guy for the job. I'm of the opinion that appointing a younger player to follow in Weber's footsteps would be a burden rather than an honor. Who would want to be compared to the longest tenured captain in franchise history?

World Cup of Hockey News

Will Team USA’s crash and bang style of play work at the World Cup? – ProHockeyTalk
Team USA wants to play a tough, physical game at the World Cup. Is that the best approach to take? (Spoiler: no.)

North American World Cup squad has young veterans to lean on - CBC Sports
Well there's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one, although they have a point. Seth Jones has certainly had his fair share of experience already.

Why Team North America is a World Cup staple, not a gimmick -

Come on NHL, you have a team North America instead of Germany or Switzerland? And then you give them some silly mock-anthem? How is Team Europe supposed to communicate with one another on the ice? Sure, some of them know English, but that's a significant disadvantage that nobody is talking about (pun intended).

Province Sports Radio: World Cup hockey will still be better than NHL hockey | The Province

How much hitting can one actually expect to happen? I can't see how this event will match the NHL's intensity with the season beginning immediately afterwards. Furthermore, to debunk the counter argument that "Well in the Olympics players hit and play with intensity and they're in the middle of the NHL season!", I think it's safe to say that an Olympic gold medal is better motivation for pounding one's teammate of 82 games into the corner than whatever the players are given for winning the World Cup.

Pavelski Named Captain of U.S. World Cup of Hockey Team - USA Hockey
But will I be thrown out of Nationwide for booing every time that assistant captain Ryan Suter touches the puck? Stay tuned for next Thursday's Dump & Chase.

Why Sweden is the team to beat -
Look, we've had hot takes today, but the second sentence in this article is, word for word, "Team Canada has some questions on defense."


Other Hockey News

Devin Setoguchi battle with alcoholism | The Hockey News
A great story about a famed Pred-killer. Happy to see that he's recovering and working at becoming the best that he can be.

Son’s goalie mask honors father who died in Lokomotiv crash - Yahoo
Dave Gunnarsson has made hundreds of masks for hockey goalies all over the world. On the anniversary of the tragic plane crash that took the lives of the players on Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, we look at one that was made for the young Herman Liv, son of the deceased Stefan Liv.