Tuesday's Dump & Chase: And so on, and so on.....

There is something just not right about having a cold when it is 90 degrees outside. I mean it's called a *cold* right? Is it hockey yet?

(Ok this was yesterday, so technically 91 today. Just liked the tweet.)

Nashville Predators News:

C'mon, Smashville, let's ease up on ex-Predators anthem singer | The Tennessean
Part of me says "Maybe you should have considered these points before you published the first piece.". The rest of me wonders when this poor dying equine will be put out of its misery.

Where do Predators' new players fit in lineup? | The Tennessean
The Predators acquired Nick Bonino, Scott Hartnell and Alexei Emelin on July 1. Where will they fit in the lineup? Adam Vingan with his take.

Five Major Questions For The Nashville Predators | fanragsports.com
I wasn't expecting much, but the writer did a pretty good job. They may not be the only questions, but they are five good ones.

The Nashville Predators should make a push for Jaromir Jagr | isportsweb.com
It seems strange to actually consider signing a 45 year old player. The speed thing would worry me. But a Hall of Fame player with Hall of Flow hair...and Jagr and P.K. Subban on the same team!?!

Bonino, Hartnell and Lindback Pick Numbers With Preds | nhl.com
Looks like everyone is happy except Emelin. Get those old jerseys out of the closet!

Other Hockey News:

Is the Stanley Cup window closing for New York Rangers and Washington Capitals? | espn.com
What do you think? Yes and yes? Lundqvist is under contract until age 39...what?

Ducks achieve goal, maintain roster continuity | nhl.com
NHL.com takes a look at where each team stands after both drafts, free agency and other off season moves. Monday was the Ducks. They did manage to keep their team fairly intact. Can someone in the Pacific take care of these guys next year? I would prefer NOT to see them again in the playoffs.

Lindy Ruff, former Stars head coach, joins Rangers as assistant | NY Daily News
The Rangers on Monday officially named former Sabres and Stars head coach Lindy Ruff as an assistant coach. Thoughts?

BarDown’s biggest NHL bargains | Bardown
Not sure I agree that Keith is a bargain at that cap hit and his age. Three of our Four Horsemen made it as a group selection. Who would have thought Sidney Crosby would be such a steal in his prime (though that hit does go through 2024-2025)?

Bargains or busts? Reevaluating five top 2016-17 NHL free agent deals a year later - CBSSports.com
How do the deals from a summer ago, including Steven Stamkos' eight-year extension, look now? I love me some David Backes (when he is not in the Central) but that contract...oof.

‘Da Beauty League’ returns for sophomore season | foxsports.com
Hey! Some hockey is being played this summer! Check out the "John Scott Cup".

Alex Ovechkin, Nastasiya Ovechkina throw glamorous wedding in Russia | nhl.com
Seems like love is in the air these last two weeks. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ovi.