Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Great Theater

A lot was made of the Joey quote yesterday. Anaheim folks saying it means Kesler is in Joey's head, Nashville folks saying it doesn't mean anything because Joey is beating the tar out of Kesler in actual hockey. Either way, it's great theater.

Nashville Predators News

Preds Can't Wait to See Smashville Hit a New Level
It's rewarded hearing the players compliment the fan base so genuinely. Reading Subban's words "it's the loudest building I've played in the NHL" is so awesome.

Predators Sign Ejdsell to Entry-Level Contract
Tis official! Wear some shades, folks, because the future is bright.

Coach's analysis: Pekka Rinne not sharp for Predators vs. Ducks in Game 2
Yeah, anytime your goalie ducks his head out of that way, that's a bad goal. Don't think we see that same Rinne on Tuesday--he'll be ready to go.

Coach's analysis: Ducks 'playing to their DNA' against Predators
The undercard of Sunday was the Getzlaf-Fisher bout, which we might call a TKO in favor of the Ducks. I'd say Fisher gave him a nice fight though.

Round 3 - Game 2 - Ducks vs. Predators BEST/WORST: The Big Bad Ducks - Anaheim Calling
"Kesler already knows about this quote. You better believe it’s fired him up because he knows its working... And that’s when he plays his best hockey."

If this is Kesler's best hockey, please play him 20 minutes a night against RyJo.

Other Hockey News

Bruins Have Tough Free Agent Decisions
Some of these are easy. Stafford? Let him walk. Spooner? Let him walk. Pastrnak? Unload a dump truck of cash. All these other dudes, ehhh whatever.

The Nuck Stops Here: Goldobin, Rodin & Defense Prospects
Goldobin could be a star in this league. He had 38 goals a few seasons ago in the OHL and has a crazy good wrist shot. But can the Canucks develop him properly?

What Is a Successful 2017-18 Leafs Season?
Haha, if the Leafs add Cody Franson in the offseason, they deserve the bad season they will inevitably have.

Penguins forward Bryan Rust injured on high hit from Dion Phaneuf - SBNation.com
Wow. What a hit.

Canada rolls on with 5-0 win at hockey worlds
Canada has scored 27 goals and only allowed eight, despite losing to Switzerland the other day.