Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Olympic Failure

The NHL has withdrawn participation in the Olympics, in some part due to not seeing the benefit it may have on the sport of hockey. What a bunch of baloney.

Nashville Predators News

With Playoffs Clinched, Preds Confidence Growing
I think we can expect some odd lineups over the next three games, but probably nothing too crazy. Interesting that Salomaki is mentioned. Could he get a test run in one of these final games, just to see if he is ready for the postseason?

Preds Share Top Playoff Memories of Careers
This was a fun trip down memory lane. Here's to more good memories.

Olympics News

Withdraw the NHL from Olympic participation, fine, but don't pretend that hockey doesn't benefit overall from the Olympics having NHL talent. Especially after you allowed players to participate in ESPN's Wide World of World Hockey Cups back in the Fall and were perfectly willing to throw this season out of whack to do so.

Call it what it is: you didn't want to pay for it.

NHL will not participate in 2018 Olympics
As Bobby mentioned yesterday, this "poll" the NHL conducted is questionable at best. I mean, if you are gonna hide the mechanism and the method for this poll, but have no problem releasing its all-too-convenient results to the public... yeah, I'm gonna question that.

Plenty of reasons for NHL to pass on Olympics
"The cons outweigh the pros at this time" is something that literally every Olympic athlete could say if they chose not to attend the event. Not unique to hockey. Just say what you mean.

NHLPA calls NHL's 2018 Olympic decision 'shortsighted'
Not a surprising position, but that line about "a decent respect for the opinions of the players" is especially biting.

Other Hockey News

The Provies: Goldy gets stung, the case for Olli, the case for Subban, Hansen chirps and general savagery | The Province
I know this is all about the Canucks, but this is such an entertaining blog. You really must check it out. (Cody Hodgson sighting within!)

Time for Habs to Rest Weber, Price Is Now
Shea Weber isn't injured! It's the superstition! 78 games!

Flames Monday Musings: Gaudreau's Achilles Heel
I've been telling you that Johnny Gaudreau is bad defensively, not to mention an all around worse hockey player than Filip Forsberg, but you just won't listen.