Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Well? Well?

Talk about your slow news day.....haven't heard a single shoe drop in Smashville.

Nashville Predators News:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....What? Huh? Oh yeah, there is a fishing tournament on August 12th. Looks like Bass not Catfish (Run away Cody! Run away!)

Central Division News:

Dallas Stars sign former Canadiens forward Alexander Radulov | espn.com
It's surprising to me that he didn't give Montreal a chance to match before agreeing to the Stars' offer. Dallas just got "on paper" scarier. Is it me or does anyone else struggle to envision Rads in the 100+ degree Texas heat?

Wild re-sign Reilly for two years, $1.45 million | ProHockeyTalk
Ok then. Can he find a permanent home with the big club? Time will tell.

Jets Plug Holes in Free Agency | The Hockey Writers
Ok then, part two. I guess plugging holes is a win, but these are big dollars for depth. I sense the writer is of two minds, but doesn't want to say so.

Other Hockey News:

Mitch Korn to become Capitals director of goaltending | Russian Machine Never Breaks
Mitch is cutting back his schedule and turning over day to day operations to Scott Murray, former goaltending coach in Hershey. The transition to retirement for the goaltender coaching legend has begun.

Capitals coping with roster turnover | nhl.com
A Stanley Cup transition without a Stanley Cup. An excellent description, though the comparisons to Chicago and Pittsburgh (you know teams who didn't crash) are repeated ad nauseam. I hope that if and when our time comes, we have a Cup to show for it.

NHL - New York Rangers, Nashville Predators among free agency winners and losers | espn.com
Poor Jagr. It makes me sad he hasn't been signed yet. But, my sadness was diverted by wondering who was left at espn.com to cover hockey and then noticing that Josh Cooper wrote this article.

Steven Stamkos gets married in Toronto | nhl.com
Steven Stamkos married his longtime sweetheart Sandra Porzio on Friday. Congrats Stammer!

Buffalo hockey marathoners break record on 11th day | espn.com
I posted the start of this game in my OTF "try out", so even though another article has been posted on it, I wanted to close the circle. Score of 1,723-1,695, no additional players once they started (seriously additional four hour shifts!) and they never left the building. Raised over a million dollars for charity....these guys are studs!

University of Louisville Ice Hockey I literally just discovered that the local university has a club hockey team! Seven dollar tickets, two dollars for kids. Maybe the spouse and I can try to get any of our kids or grandkids interested in hockey. (What? I told you it was a slow news day!)