Tuesday's Dump & Chase: More Game 7's, Please!

Montreal forced a Game 7 last night with a win over Boston, and Pittsburgh gets their third chance to close out the Rangers tonight. And we could get two more if Minnesota wins in the late game, and the Kings win tomorrow. Pretty exciting, right? Unless your team is involved, then I can imagine it&#

Nashville Predators News

Predators ratchet up pressure on scouts-The Tennessean

Go out and find somebody awesome, guys.

Ducks, Preds, Blues may show interest in Spezza - Sportsnet.ca

Hey! That's us!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

A game 7 elimination will bring major changes to the Pittsburgh Penguins - The Globe and Mail

As far as I'm concerned, Sidney Crosby would always be welcome here in Nashville.

NHL Playoff Struggle Watch -Grantland

Max Pacioretty scored last night, so at least he's not a total failure.

Barry Trotz interested in coaching Washington Capitals | Puck Daddy

Alex Ovechkin AND The Doghouse. It's a match made in heaven.

U.S. Men's National Team Falls to Russia, 6-1 | USA Hockey


Barry Melrose Stops By Second City - Second City Hockey

He's not a #FancyStats guy, AND he said some complimentary things about the Blackhawks. Let the cyber-bullying begin...NOW!

Bush league water spraying takes attention away from amazing NHL playoff season | Post-to-Post

I don't know if it's ruining the playoffs, but it's certainly stupid.

Sharks could be interested in Dion Phaneuf - Fear The Fin

I'm sure they'd have company.

Vladimir Putin plays hockey, scores 6 goals - SBNation.com

Plus 5 assists, all three stars, and 100% of the vote.