Tuesday's Dump & Chase: a great day for Vikings

Filip Forsberg is going to be in Nashville for a long while. And we're happy about that. But yesterday's story of the day: Iceland.

Much like how USA Hockey has encouraged the building of more rinks in the area, Iceland had to build "football houses". Due to the weather in Iceland, these were built to allow for training. The process of turning Iceland into a respected soccer nation took about 10 years, and they had a smart plan involving facilities, coaching, and knowing what they had in their population. It's a great story. And it gave us this awesome moment:

Winter is here.

Impact of Filip Forsberg's new contract with Predators | SI.com
This deal may end up being better than expected, considering the company he's in with similar deals.

Judge stops NHL arbitration hearing on Predators ownership dispute | Tennessean
"She will rule on whether the dispute should stay in her court or continue in the office of league Commissioner Gary Bettman."

Predators hire Redden as asst. director of player development | ProHockeyTalk
Not a bad move, bringing in another solid former pro into the building for the sake of development. And Redden is exactly that- the guy spent a year in Hartford because the Rangers paid him too much. Redden didn't complain.

Forsberg Gets His Wish, Signs Six-Year Deal with Preds - Nashville Predators - Features
Bless you, sweet prince.

Other NHL Stuff

The great Eric Lindros debate has been put to bed - Sportsnet.ca
The martyr for concussions? Maybe. Lindros was special, and his career should have lasted longer.

Justin Schultz headlines list of RFAs not extended qualifying offers – ProHockeyTalk
This was a surprise. Schultz had a good year for Pittsburgh.

CalgaryNEXT group to plead their case to city council | Calgary Sun
It's easy to laugh at this, especially with the price tag. But what will we do when the Titans want a new barn?

Habs sign Shaw to six-year deal - Article - TSN
Yeah, it wasn't a dream.

NHL - On the eve of the NHL's free-agency frenzy, here's the lowdown on the options for Steven Stamkos and other big fish who will be available July 1 | ESPN
Loui or Okposo, please.

Former Hockey Player Eric Lindros redefined NHL culture | ESPN
A must read. "He would sit out 18 games following that first concussion, and he suffered at least five more over the course of the next two seasons. The scene was all too familiar, and terrifying, to Lindros and his parents, Bonnie and Carl, who also served as his agent and adviser. In 1995 Eric's younger brother, Brett, a first-round pick of the Islanders, suffered a pair of debilitating concussions that left him unable to dial a phone or sleep. He was forced to walk away from his childhood dream after just 51 games, at age 20. At a time when NHL players were still allowed to play without a helmet if they signed a waiver, the information and concern about concussions was so scarce -- and the topic so taboo -- that Carl had to go to the local library to educate himself about what his kids were dealing with."

Not Hockey

3 amazing facts on player development in Icelandic football | The Coach Diary Football Blog
Check out the detail they put into coaching. Much like how the Finns "play a team game" at every IIHF and Olympic tournament, Iceland has a gameplan that suits their style, and it works all over the continent. This is possibly the story of the year in sports.

Then, there's Steve McLaren.

Have a great Tuesday.