Tuesday's Dump & Chase: A Knight In The Desert

The Las Vegas team is going to eventually get a nickname, right?

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Three Names Trademarked, All Knights Related - Sin Bin Vegas

Desert, silver and golden are the three adjectives to be attached to Knights that have now surfaced for the new team in Las Vegas. Desert Knights isn't the worst, Golden Knights is kind of whatever but Silver Knights is bad.

Filip Forsberg Poised To Emerge As Elite Goal Scorer - Today's Slapshot

In which Forsberg is attributed to scoring at a click similar to to a younger Tyler Seguin and younger John Tavares. You have to like the sound of that.

Top 50 player countdown resumes on NHL Network - NHL

Roman Josi comes in at No. 25, P.K. Subban at No. 26 anddddddddd...wait for it.....wait for it.....coming in at No. 27 is Mr. Shea Weber.

Josh Ho-Sang is wide awake - Sportsnet

An incredible insight on Josh-Ho Sang's career and struggles, growing up at Biosteel Camp, his relationships with Connor McDavid and Tyler Seguin and how he wants to go to outer space really bad.

Frederik Andersen Is The Danish Dynamite For World Cup - InGoal Magazine

May want to check out Andersen's mask for the World Cup of Hockey.

Tomas Plekanec named Czech captain for World Cup - Habs Eyes On The Prize

Plekanec was their captain at Sochi in 2014 and it's no surprise he'll be rocking the C at the World Cup of Hockey.

This is happiness: Alex Ovechkin is a married man - Washington Post

Side note: Apparently it's not uncommon to see Russians wear their wedding rings on their right hands.

Hartnett: Ranking The NHL's Top 20 Goaltenders - CBS New York

Pekka Rinne finds himself in the top 20 at the No. 18 spot. Be sure to check out the full list.

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