Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Baby Shark

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Please beat the Sharks tonight.

Smashville News:

Losing teeth can bite for players, but many elect to go without until playing days are over | Tennessean
A look at the Nashville Predators sporting gap tooth grins and why. I always wondered why guys didn't get them fixed or at least get some fakes for off ice.

Filip Forsberg Skills Demo | NHL.com
This is six minutes long, but worth the watch. Filip Forsberg demonstrates how to undress the defense and put together the showy goals. Fortunately, Hal Gill has a new job.

31 Takes: Is Nashville ruining its own chance at relevance? | Yahoo Sports
"After a decent summer of roster management, the Predators don't look like the powerhouse that we thought they'd be." While there are a few interesting points in this piece, there are some errors that make me wonder if the author has actually watched them play. Apparently we can tell everyone but Dante Fabbro, Juuse Saros, Filip Forsberg and Viktor Arvidsson that they are past their prime and that two of those four (Fil and Arvy) are about to age out. Also we can share that another of those four (Saros?) "maybe just not being good in the first place".

VGK vs. NSH: Irwin Mic'd Up | NHL.com
The best part is the conversation about how Ryan Ellis was due and then he scored!

Weekly Edge: Have the Nashville Predators turned a corner? | A to Z Sports Nashville
In which, amongst other fun, Alex shows how the Predators have righted the ship but may or may not still be on a roller coaster. (Metaphors = Mixed)

Just because it’s been too long. I miss Doug.

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Central Division News:

Blackhawks are who we think they are: 'We're inconsistent' | NBC Sports Chicago
"When they're clicking, the Blackhawks look like a group that can compete with anyone. When they're not, they look like a team that's closer to the basement of the NHL. So who are they?" Hmm. Does any of this sound familiar?

The NHL's best and worst this week - Patience pays off for Bill Guerin and the Minnesota Wild | ESPN
The Minnesota Wild seem to be on a tear lately and the St Louis Blues are deeper than the ocean. Great, just great.

Outdoor NHL matchup is still weeks away, but Winter Classic officials have few weather worries | Dallas Morning News
More information about the upcoming Winter Classic. Please no rain. I can handle cold, but wet and cold would be miserable. Weather like the Washington DC classic would be perfect. We wore layers and were perfectly comfortable all day.

Other Hockey News:

NHL must change culture that enables coaches' abuse of power | Sports Illustrated
My own cynical opinion is that Gary Bettman doesn't really care about hockey culture. He will, however, do something in order to keep this type of publicity from becoming the image of the NHL.

Russia handed four-year ban from Olympics, major international events by World Anti-Doping Agency | The HockeyNews

Technology gets a second chance to make the NHL more broadcast-friendly | VEGAS INC
Okay, here is my old lady take. I am all for gathering more data. Hockey analytics folks must be salivating. I am not a fan of a bunch of data streaming on my screen during the game. I'd rather fire up the tablet to track the data. Also, I am not a fan of "proposition betting". Can't we have a sporting event be just that—not a place to bet on whose stick is going to break first or which player will win a fight? Now, get off my lawn.

Hockey is Magic: Episode Eight | NHL.com
Most of the tricks are repeats, but it is Alex Ovechkin. Stay for the additional shot at the end.

NHL, Jagermeister extend U.S. partnership | NHL.com
The official shot of the NHL.....you'd think they would develop a shot drink called the "one timer" or the "slapshot". Also, I know this is a press release, but to have a section called "About The NHL"?

‘She makes me happy’: With call-up to Maple Leafs, Pontus Aberg becomes one of NHL’s rare single fathers | The Athletic
This is behind the paywall, but if you subscribe to The Athletic it's a great read. I had no idea that Pontus Aberg was a single parent. Even with the help he has, I can't grasp how difficult this must be with the hockey lifestyle.