Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Back to the Grind

The Tuesday after a three day weekend is never a great morning. But we're going to power through this. It's our duty to inform you that hockey is on the horizon. And the well of summer articles from hot take artists is finally starting to dry. So grab a second cup, and take in the moment.

Middle Tennessee’s 50 most influential people in sports | Tennessean.com
Shea Weber, a player that's in the discussion for the best defenseman in the NHL, is ranked.... WHERE?!? That's good ol' 1100, ladies and gents. And that's not even from their food blogger.

NHL, Blackhawks shun Kane as promotional image - BN Hockey
That news is related to the following item:

Patrick Kane sex assault case goes to grand jury Tuesday | abc7chicago.com
This story isn't going away. In fact, it's going to get worse before it's better.

Blackhawks, Islanders still facing challenges with restricted free agents - CBSSports.com
Marcus Kruger and Jonathan Huberdeau (Panthers) are still out there.

Todd McLellan, Edmonton Oilers coach, in no hurry to decide captain - NHL.com - News
Hell, I can't wait for the reaction to the decision.

Ryan McDonagh says broken foot ‘pretty much normal now' - NY Daily News
Good. You want normal feet when you have the chance.

Babcock: Phaneuf’s will ‘have the best year he’s had in a long time’ | ProHockeyTalk.com

Pass or Fail: Colorado Avalanche new third jersey for 2015-16 | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Simple, clean, but the logo is awkward.

Pass or Fail: Mighty Ducks-inspired Anaheim Ducks third jerseys | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports

Lightning preparing for all Stamkos possibilities - Sportsnet.ca
Steven Stamkos wanting to play center is music to his agent's ears. Centers get paid more.

Lawsuit: UConn Women's Hockey Coach Allowed Hazing, Talked About His Underwear - Hartford Courant
Not a great look. Some of the best coaches in any sport are folks like Tony Dungy, Mike Krzyzewski, and Fred Shero. Those are folks who aren't known for screaming at their own players constantly.

Not Hockey

Texas HS football incident under investigation after players appear to attack official - SBNation.com
Ban them for life, IMHO.

Little Harpeth Brewing Opens New Taproom Today - Eater Nashville
Excellent news. Their lager-heavy lineup is great for this climate.

The Rock valiantly rescues drowning puppies - SBNation.com
Johnson/Murray 2016.

That's all for today. Get out there and take Tuesday on.