Tuesdays Dump & Chase: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

In which the Predators ponder their offseason to-do list, and the world checks in on Maple Leafs fans around the globe.

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators depth chart heading into the offseason: Contract statuses, biggest questions and more | The Athletic

Adam Vingan did his usual position-by-position breakdown of the Preds’ roster headed into the Summer. The juciest tidbit from this year’s edition is his pitch for a potential trade block candidate.

The Predators should explore trading two-time 30-goal scorer Viktor Arvidsson this offseason. Injuries have lessened his impact in recent seasons, but his $4.25 million cap hit through 2024 could be attractive to a team looking to boost its offense at a reasonable price.

I’m a big Viktor Arvidsson guy; Regardless of the past few years, he’ll forever be one of my all-time favorite Predators. But there’s two things to consider here. One is the simple fact that he could use a change of scenery more so than any of the Preds forwards. Ever since the Bortuzzo incident, Arvidsson just doesn’t seem to be playing with the same vigor that made him a perennial 30-goal scorer. The other thing is simply a question of where does he fit into this current roster. If Granlund returns (which the Predators seem to want), Duchene stays on the wing (which the Predators also seem to want), and Tolvanen takes another step forward, there would be limited spots you could put Arvidsson that would utilize his full skillset.

There are several teams out there that have a need for a goal-hound like Arvidsson and would make a decent bid to bring him in on his current deal. It wouldn’t hurt to listen.

Other Hockey Happenings

Leafs blow 3-1 series lead, speechless | Pension Plan Puppets

I know, I know... At this point, the Toronto Maple Leafs' penchant for finding new, exciting ways to blow playoff series is comedy gold. But at the same time, you have to feel for the fanbase just a LITTLE bit, right? At least the non-angry-on-Twitter ones. It's not like a Florida Panthers situation (the only other franchise besides Toronto not to win a playoff series since the 2005 lockout) where the franchise is just spinning their tires; The Leafs have put together some really good teams that just seem to choke in bizarre ways at the last possible minute. Oof...

Islanders recover, defeat Bruins in OT in Game 2 | NHL.com
This has the potential to be the most fun playoff series of the second round.

Golden Knights’ Reaves suspended 2 games for roughing, unsportsmanlike conduct | Sportsnet.ca
I fully realize that everyone is going to have a different opinion on this situation. But all I’ll say is that if I’m Colorado, and I see Nazem Kadri banned for eight games while Ryan Reaves can potentially return to the lineup this week... I’m absolutely furious at the Department of Player Safety.

George Parros, consistency, PLEASE!

Which Cap-Strapped Teams Should the New Jersey Devils Target in 2021 Offseason? | All About The Jersey
The Devils (even with that hefty P.K. deal) will have a TON of Cap Space this summer, and they might use it to stockpile future assets.

Who could or should be the Penguins’ goalie next year? | PensBurgh
Maybe there's an old acquaintance with a sword-shaped wound in his back they can pry away from the Western U.S..

Zach Parise says future with Wild isn’t up to him | Hockey Wilderness
That 13-year contract is looking mighty fine right now....

U.S. blanks Germany 2-0 for 5th straight win at hockey worlds | The Detroit News
The U.S. hasn't lost since dropping their opening game against Finland. Also, Colin Blackwell scored a goal, which means Bryan will be rushing to add a Team USA jersey to his collection.

Team Bauer's celebration after winning the Canadian Secret Cup was beyond iconic | Bardown
Jill Saulnier showing up to the postgame presser with two bottles of champagne, goggles, and a can of Bud is a whole-ass mood.

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