Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Cleaning Out the Lockers

The Preds' Eulogy is up on Yahoo, written by some Chicago folks. Sure, that's up on Yahoo's Puck Daddy, but they felt the need to put an unabridged version up on their own site. Cute. That's like the guy who shows up to BWW to watch the UFC wearing his Tapout shirt, and goes out to h

Nashville Predators News

Preds Talk Contracts, Worlds at Locker Clean Out Day | Nashville Predators
There's plenty to take in here. Lots of good feelings in the room for a team that knows they did better than expected.

Shea Weber Injury Update | Nashville Predators
Day to day. Ha.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2014-15 Nashville Predators | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
It's best to enjoy this.

Ammenheuser: Predators' season was not a failure | Tennessean.com
He's not wrong, in the grand scheme of things. But jeez, that's a column that's just fulla piping hot takes.


Changes Must Be Made | St. Louis Game Time
It's all rainbows and dandelions over here after our beloved team's demise compared to the reality that St. Louis is facing. Let's be real for a minute- This was the last year Vladimir Tarasenko will EVER be affordable. Brian Elliott is all kinds of pissed off and he's likely gone.

Deja Blue: Team looking for answers once again | STLToday.com
"Would Elliott have interest in returning? Asked recently about his future here, he politely declined, citing the team's involvement in the playoffs." See? The Blues had a pairing of Jaroslav Halak and Elliott, with Ben Bishop in the system, and now they're about to have none. The Blues had good goalies signed to reasonable contracts, and botched it. Badly. This is mostly on Ken Hitchcock, but Doug Armstrong needs his own dose of blame. But...

Bernie: Blues fragility was glaring | STLToday.com
...it's totally the team's fault.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Drew Doughty of Los Angeles Kings, Erik Karlsson of Ottawa Senators, P.K. Subban of Montreal Canadiens voted Norris Trophy finalists - 2015 NHL Awards

Western Conference Will Still Be Tough To Win | Hockey Wilderness
Big, if true. It's just not responsible to be slinging takes like this around.

Corey Crawford gets the nod as Blackhawks’ starter for second round | The Hockey News
They pretty much have to start with him, but we have no reason to think we won't see Scott Darling at some point.

VIDEO: Red Wings' Mrazek makes near-impossible stick save off Lightning's Boyle | theScore
This was really something. It really saved the game for Detroit.

Seriously, look at this.


Johnson, Lightning defeat Red Wings to force Game 7 | NHL.com
Game 7 will be played in the best state under the sun.

Seattle suburb approached about new arena in hopes of luring NHL | TSN
Suburban arenas? This is still an idea?

Recap: Caps Win! Caps Win!! Caps Win!!! - Japers' Rink

Caps beat Islanders 2-1: Halak No More!
If we can put up two columns for our friends Barry and Joel, we will. We might not be completely happy that they made it further than our team, but we can be happy for those guys. And Jon.

Paul Pierce is now taunting opposing teams at hockey games | SBNation.com
Pierce is one of my favorite NBA players. First, he shouts earlier this week that he didn't want to go back to Canada again. Then, the Wizards sweep the Raptors. Now, this. It's been a good week for Paul and the Wizards. Here's more if you're interested.

And Finally...

My word. I barely noticed Roman Josi in the background.

From right to left, that's Kris Martel, Robby Stanley, Teresa Walker getting quotes from Filip Forsberg and his rare non-sweater attire.