Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Did They Do It?

Two series had the possibility of ending last night. Did they finish or are we on to Game 7?

Smashville News:

It’s Time to Talk About the P.K. Subban Trade Rumors (They’re Not Good) | On the Forecheck
Kate checks in with advice on how to approach all of the swirling P.K. Subban rumors.

Throwback to New Year’s cause doggie kisses are the best.

Central Division News:

‘Play Gloria’ Watch the Blues official music video for the playoff rally song | FOX2now.com
Personally, I love this video. Who knew the St. Louis Blues had a sense of fun?

Stars forward Roope Hintz in walking boot as team heads to St. Louis, other injury updates | SportsDay
Welp. What do you think? Will any of this matter?

YOU BE THE BOSS: Fans say keep Maurice, ship out Trouba, re-sign Tanev | Winnipeg Sun
I love this kind of survey. Be sure to read down through the actual questions. I won’t ruin any surprises, but check out what they fans think Patrik Laine’s next contract should be. Ha.

Other Hockey News:

Flyers finalize 2019-20 Coaching Staff | NHL.com
Ha. Ha. Ha. Words fail me.

NHL playoffs: Don Cherry amps war on ‘Bunch of Jerks’ Hurricanes | NY Post
Don Cherry got pretty worked up in this segment. He has basically dared the Canes to do a Surge at some point by saying that they know it’s wrong and that’s why they don’t do it in the playoffs. Cheers to the Carolina Hurricanes for already turning this into yet another fan bonding, money-making chance!

Henrik Lundqvist recommits to Rangers after eye-opening quote | NY Post
Okay, I’ll be honest. I clipped this entirely because of the photo of the King in his pads. Very handsome—and also I had never seen goalie pads before.

How Martin Jones saved his postseason (and the Sharks’) | ESPN
I have been pleasantly surprised with Martin Jones’ play in the playoffs. He’s certainly been playing above where I thought his head was.

At least 137 former players accept NHL concussion lawsuit settlement | TSN.ca
I’m actually surprised. This is less than half of the players who were eligible. If the remaining players file individual suits, the NHL could be in for quite the litigation season.

Journeyman goaltender Mike McKenna taking fans behind the mask like never before | TheHockeyNews
I enjoyed his tweet regarding the goal on Marc-Andre Fleury. I am going to give him a follow and see how it goes. (Don’t worry, Chris Mason, he could never replace you!)

Not Hockey News:

Maximum Security won’t run in Preakness | TSN.ca
My husband informed me that contrary to the estimate of weeks mentioned here, the appeal was reviewed and overturned within hours. So now what does Gary West do? I had to laugh at the “they won’t show me the video” comment. Don’t tell me you didn’t DVR the race, dude—and it wasn’t like it was a subtle thing.