Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Doldrums

I thought about trying to make the title the Jeopardy! theme, but that really doesn’t type out well.

Slow news day yesterday. We’re creeping into summer, and I don’t like it.

Nashville Predators News & Notes, Kind Of, If You Squint

Cruise control for Canada | IIHF
He's only mentioned briefly in this article, but as of this game Team Canada captain Kyle Turris is up to seven points (2G/5A) in six games played. Good to see him healthy, and hopefully he’s starting to get some confidence back as well.

Swedes edge out Latvia | IIHF
Lots of quotes from Mattias Ekholm, who does not appear to have been asked about the own-goal he scored in this game. Without sarcasm, it's nice that he made himself available to the media in spite of that, if the choice was his.

Fans of the Predators who watched the Stars series should be pleased to discover that Ekholm has only taken one (1) minor penalty in the six games of the tournament to date.

Sixth straight win for Russia | IIHF
Switzerland's latest game did not go so well, but some of you will be pleased to learn that Roman Josi has been practicing his yelling-at-people skills this summer. Also, five points in six games, not awful. 6 PIM in six games...not good. You don’t have to take turns, gentlemen. You can just both follow the rules.

Other News & Notes

Tarasenko getting hot at right time for Blues | ProHockeyTalk
It seems like just a few short months ago Blues fans were insisting that Vladimir Tarasenko had peaked and was no longer scoring goals because he was bad at hockey now. I still regret that nobody (and by “nobody” I might or might not mean “David Poile”) managed to pry him away from them before this.

Professional Women’s Hockey Player Association established, issues statement | The Ice Garden
The players participating in the #ForTheGame movement have unionized.

‘We’re [bad], and we know we are!’: Team Great Britain nets thrilling OT goal to remain in top tier at World Championships | Russian Machine Never Breaks
I do love an underdog narrative.

(Oh, and they didn't actually say "bad", though it's still partially censored in the link itself..)

Patrick Roy with Senators would create buzz but developing youth a question | Sportsnet.ca
"Patrick Roy coaching the Ottawa Senators would certainly create lots of buzz. But would it help them win games and develop young players?" I'm gonna go with a hard no on that one, Wayne.

More to the point, haven't Sens fans suffered enough yet? Do we really have to sit around wishing Roy on them just to make things even worse? The dumpster is already on fire and sailing down Main Street; there's no need to throw a grenade into it.

Bruins seek balance between enjoying rest, staying sharp ahead of Cup Final | ProHockeyTalk
The Sharks and the Blues play tonight, and if the Blues win (whether tonight or in a potential Game 7) I'm going to be hoping for that meteor Tucker mentioned yesterday. Barring that, I'm going to be---shudder--hoping the Bruins don't lose, so it's--shudder again--good to know what's up in Boston.