Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Feast or Famine

Two weeks ago, we were ready to build an ark. Now I am living in the Sahara. Is summer over yet?

Smashville News:

Fabbro ready to take on bigger role with Predators after Subban trade | NHL.com
I enjoy Robby Stanley and this is a solid piece. However, I feel like I've read most of this before...oh wait....check this out. These guys work for the same employer and write practically the same article within two weeks?

Old School: Grading the Nashville Predators’ 1998 offseason | On the Forecheck
Nick Morgan's piece on the original Nashville Predators silly season (which wasn't very silly). As someone who didn't follow the Preds until 2006, this piece really helped me see how it all started.

Analytics Corner: We’re Going Streaking (a look at streakiness and the Nashville Predators) | On the Forecheck
I won't steal any of Bryan Bastin's thunder, but what I got out of this is that perhaps my "eye tests" of years past are biasing my current "eye tests".

I almost got these (the toys, not the pups) for my birthday. But being in Tahoe, it somehow didn’t work out. Whelp, there’s always Christmas. (Be sure to look at all three photos!)

Central Division News:

Why Corey Perry is the under-the-radar Stars signing with the potential to be most beneficial | SportsDay
Let's hope not. A Dallas mailbag focusing on their summer moves.

Wild GM Paul Fenton has made the most out of his own mess | Twin Cities
Looks like opinions of Paul Fenton may be moving slightly more positive in Minnesota.

Blackhawks’ Marcus Kruger signs with ZSC Lions in Switzerland | Second City Hockey
"The 29-year-old center won two Stanley Cup championships with Chicago." One of the things that the article says he'll be remembered for is being "matched up strategically with one of the opponent’s top three lines". Hmmm.

Other Hockey News:

Source: Matt Cullen meets with Penguins' upper management | DKPittsburgh Sports

As it turns out, Rick Tocchet was a really vital piece of the Penguins | PensBurgh
"How much does an assistant coach matter? In the case of Rick Tocchet, a TON" Not a great picture painted of Evgeni Malkin here. Apparently Rick Tocchet was the ice bird whisperer.

Is the five-forward power play about to become an NHL trend? | TSN.ca
What do you think, OtF? Maybe if we went five forwards, they would stop taking so many point shots and would get someone in front of the net.

Super Slow Mo: Dekes & Dangles | NHL.com
I only watched this because I expected to see Filip Forsberg and Viktor Arvidsson. Were my wishes fulfilled?

Waiting, waiting. Oooohh poor goalies. Hahaha D guys. Hi Filip Forsberg! Not even your best one, but nice. Hey Ryan Hartman! Oh the memories. RV! RV! RV! RV! Ah no, sorry Pekka Rinne. Got victimized by your team watching the play. Rocco Grimaldi! Sweet.

NHL Seattle's website hints at a new possible team name | KXLY
Maybe they can rethink the salmon pink? Not a fan of the Sockeyes—it brings to mind boxing for me.

Why I Play series: Ice hockey player Liu Zhi Yang | Yahoo News
Nice piece. I never really think about hockey in places like Singapore.

Ice arenas face a dilemma as R-22 is phased out | Jamestown Sun
A bit of a long read, but I really love pieces on some of the obscure facets of hockey. I never think about everything that goes into preparing a rink.