Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hello? (ello? llo?)

“Is anybody there? Is anyone around? To help a lonely [gal] to get [her] feet back on the ground. I’m looking for directions to a place I’ve never known, ‘cause no one’s ever shown me the way.”

Smashville News:

Hynes Focused on Preparing Preds to Play High-Stakes Hockey Upon Return | NHL.com
"No one can say when - or even if - the National Hockey League will resume play in 2020, but John Hynes will have his team ready to go, just in case."  Yesterday brought an update from the coach.

Preds Foundation to hand out $700,000 to local non-profits amid COVID-19 outbreak | WZTV
The Nashville Predators are good people.

This Day In Preds History: Nashville Becomes Back-to-Back Division Champs | NHL.com
A look back on the fun finish to last year's regular season - before Dallas dashed our dreams.

Weekly Edge: The ideal Nashville Predators lineup in 2020-21 | A to Z Sports
What do you think? Does Alex identify all of the needed offseason moves for the Nashville Predators or should David Poile go bigger?

Josi on being quarantined, playing hockey, who can cook, 'Tiger King | Tennessean
Come on, Roman Josi - pick up that book!

OTF March Madness: Best Games in Nashville Predators History (Elite Eight) |
Time to determine the Final Four!

We all know Pekka RInne is a gift to humanity. So is Chris Mason.

Last night marked the probable end of the “Year of the Fan”. Many thank-yous abounded, including this gem (the ear! the ear!).

Other Hockey News:

Two years later, former Humboldt Bronco Brayden Camrud feels "blessed to be alive" | TheHockeyNews
"Two years ago today, Brayden Camrud looked around the dressing room at the Elgar Petersen Arena in Humboldt, Sask., and he could see there was no quit in him or any of his teammates. And then, everything changed." Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash. Stick taps for the boys.

The NHL's coronavirus pause - How the playoffs could work, new positive tests and more | WSPN
“The weekly rundown of intel from around the league, including a new idea for the playoffs, when players can return to team facilities and more.”

NHL playoff scenarios a 'multi-faceted puzzle' of where, when and how | Sportsnet.ca
"God, it’d be playoffs with fresh hockey players and it’d be pretty darn exciting," Maurice said Monday. "We’d play anywhere."

What we should take away from President Trump's sports commissioner call: nothing | TheHockeyNews
I just....the title.....

Coronavirus: Dallas Stars executives take pay cut to help employees | USA Today
Good on ya, guys!

Reading Recommendations:

* may be out of print

[Fiction] The First Wives Club - Olivia Goldsmith - While her books tend to be hit or miss for me, this is one of her two masterpieces. Put aside your memories of the movie. There are many differences and much more detail here.

[Non-Fiction] Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer - Completely engrossing account of his experience on Mount Everest.

[Biography] Elizabeth - Sarah Bradford - This book is not current so more recent events are not included. The story of the Princess who came to the throne as a young women and became Queen.

[Star Trek] Ishmael - Barbara Hambly* - Spock is sent back in time to Earth’s Pacific Northwest with no memory. Fun read.

[Spy] The Fourth Protocol - Frederick Forsyth - From back in the Us vs Them years with Russia, the master brings us a great thriller.

[Mystery] The Firm - John Grisham - You always remember your first. This was my first John Grisham and it’s a MUCH better read than movie.

[Sci-Fi] Foundation - Issac Asimov - It’s sometimes challenging to stay with this series—and it’s worth every minute.

[Historical Fiction] The First Man In Rome - Colleen McCullogh - The beginning of a series on the people of Rome and the leaders who brought them glory. If you love history, give this incredibly researched fictional account a go. You won’t regret it.

Are these reviews worthwhile to anyone? If not, drop some comments below and I can shorten or omit.