Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Inching Closer

Seriously—will it ever rain in Louisville again? We have a 55% chance to get 0.06 of an inch today. Help!

Smashville News:

It’s Nashville Predators Day at PHT | ProHockeyTalk
Some commentary from outside the normal summer NHL.com channel. Additional articles were also posted the same day if this sparks any interest.

2018-2019 Nashville Predators Player Reviews: Dante Fabbro | On the Forecheck
"The long-awaited defender finally got some NHL time this year." I'll tell you a secret. Bobby might be a little bit smitten with Dante Fabbro. A very thorough review of Fabbro's NCAA and NHL work last year.

Hey ya!: Grading the Nashville Predators’ 2003 offseason | On the Forecheck
The latest in Nick's fantastic series takes us up through the 2003 offseason. The Nashville Predators hit one out of the park!

I really love Smash’s ears.

Central Division News:

St. Louis Blues Improve, But Decrease Promotional Giveaways | Bleedin' Blue
I see that the Nashville Predators are headed this way also. Now, I certainly have plenty of rally towels (even after giving them to everyone in the family) but I don't need another LED bracelet. I have a bunch and they only are applicable to that game. So, yes, fewer but better giveaways could be fine. I'm just not big on "only for the first X thousand" which is never even half of the attendees. What do you think, folks?

Are the Dallas Stars legit contenders after another busy offseason? | SportsDay
This seems familiar. The Dallas Stars should be legitimate contenders, but as always the question is “Will they be?”

Kevin Fiala admits: "The trade was very shocking." | Bluewin
This translation is very rough (maybe because there is no Swiss German choice available?), but an interesting look at Kevin Fiala's thoughts on the trade and his current situation.

Other Hockey News:

The All-Decade Team for all 31 NHL clubs | ESPN
I find the outcome for the Nashville Predators to be a little...odd. Was the primary criteria length of time on the team? I love me some Mike Fisher, but I think Ryan Johansen has probably already passed his Predators point totals in far fewer games.

NHL farm system rankings: Best, worst prospect pipelines for 2019-20, from 1 to 31 | Sporting News
Another look at farm systems, this time from the folks at The Sporting News. We come in at about the same position, which is pretty low. Seems we lack elite prospects.

NHL Free Agent Tracker | NHL.com
Take a quick perusal of this list and be amazed at the number and quality of the Group 2 FAs that are still unsigned. Some of these I didn't even realize were still without a contract.

For the future: How Team Sweden reached their limit | The Ice Garden
A follow up to the article posted yesterday with additional detail. Truly shocking the way the women were being treated—only provided with men's clothing? Seriously?

Mika Zibanejad: New York Rangers forward’s restaurant will donate to Swedish women’s hockey throughout year | Blueshirt Banter
It may not amount to a ton of money, but Mika Zibanejad is at least trying to help and to call attention to the situation. (And, let's be honest, sell more burgers.)

When adding staffers, NHL Seattle must navigate complex minefield with those currently under contract elsewhere | The Seattle Times
Have we thought about how difficult it is to put together an appropriate staff without tampering or poaching?