Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Injured, But Still Here

Tonight is the last game of the first half of the season. With the Preds still injured, they'll take on the all-of-a-sudden-red-hot Canucks. I'm not sure what we can really expect. Just try to play well, I guess.

Nashville Predators News

Predators Assign Granberg to Milwaukee
Petter Granberg clears waivers and is now in Milwaukee. Regardless of where Granberg really ends up by the end of the season, I think it's clear that Yannick Weber and Anthony Bitetto make a solid duo on the bottom pair.

Predators dealing with injuries to key players
James Neal will miss at least tonight's game against Vancouver, possibly more. The others, including P.K. Subban and Viktor Arvidsson, are less clear, but they will likely at least be out tonight as well.

Other Hockey News

Alex Ovechkin having grand old time with Capitals
Alex Ovechkin is 31 years old? That's insane to me.

Alex Ovechkin, Capitals win sixth straight | NHL.com
Ovi is now only one point shy of 1,000. He was four away going into tonight's game.

Roberto Luongo gets milestone victory | NHL.com
Bobby Lou now has 448 wins, good for 5th all time. For perspective, Pekka Rinne, the Preds all time winning-est goalie, has 252 wins.

Winnipeg Jets 2, Calgary Flames 0 | NHL.com
Ok, so the Jets managed to beat a Pacific team despite a major injury problem. Now the Preds?

Oilers send top pick Puljujarvi to AHL - Article - TSN
Jesse Puljujarvi has had his moments, but ultimately he probably needs more grooming. Top tier rookies have high expectations, but they will make mistakes. It happens. This kid should be fine.

The Rangers' Most Important Championship Quality
The Rangers most important quality is something called "resolve" which I believe the Predators have not shown a lot of this year. Also, I am pretty sure Resolve is the name of a floor cleaner. Or maybe an insect repellent? Idk, it's something.

Krupa: Blashill not to blame for woeful Wings
I can't figure out when to blame coaches and when not to. It seems like such a moving target these days. Last year, when the Red Wings made the playoffs, it was Coach Jeff Blashill's fault that they weren't better. This year, with the Wings in last place in the Atlantic, it's not Blashill's fault at all.

Gallant: Firing wasn’t about analytics, had more to do with my strong opinions - Sun Sentinel
"I wasn’t fired because of analytics. I loved coaching the Florida Panthers and I’m a stubborn guy at times; maybe I said a little too much, maybe I gave my opinion a little bit too much. Maybe when they asked for my opinion, I have an honest opinion and sometimes it doesn’t help you. Maybe it wasn’t always what they wanted to hear. I don’t know where it went from there."

Sounds like a person who has no idea why he was fired. What a mess...