Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: #Josi4Norris

What do you think, family? We know who <em>should</em> win, but who <em>will </em>win?

Smashville News:

Nashville Predators’ Roman Josi is a Norris Trophy Finalist | On the Forecheck
Pretty unsurprising list of nominees. What do you think—will the analytics-based writers outweigh the old school "most points" writers? Let's hope so. #Josi4Norris

Nashville Predators roll out familiar lineup to prepare for Arizona Coyotes | A to Z Sports
I am beyond ecstatic at the return of the JOFA line. Ryan Johansen getting his swagger back could be a game changer in the playoffs.

Predators Nick Bonino, Mattias Ekholm, Matt Duchene on life away from families | Tennessean
"Mattias Ekholm, Matt Duchene and Nick Bonino are among the Nashville Predators dealing with life away from their families." I sympathize, but really—think of how long people with relatives in COVID-19 ICUs have been away from their loved ones.

Rinne or Saros?: The Predators Will Need to Rely on Both This Postseason | On the Forecheck
I've been saying use both for a couple of years now. With what is likely to be the schedule this year, the need is even greater. Personally, I go with Pekka Rinne if he does well in the Dallas exhibition and bring in Juuse Saros for one of the back-to-backs.

Looks like our buddy Dozer is doing okay with the help of his buddy Ryan Johansen.

Central Division News:

Blackhawks’ defensemen, goaltenders adjusting to Corey Crawford’s absence | Chicago Sun-Times
Speaking of Keith, Seabrook and the rest of their cohort (below). Also, I sure hope that Corey Crawford is out for something not too serious.

Jets' blueline stronger than ever | Winnipeg Free Press
I'm not sure that says much. But why hasn't Anthony Bitetto made an appearance in training camp yet?

Fiala credits coach for breakout season with Wild entering Qualifiers | NHL.com
It seems weird to read about Kevin Fiala and Dean Evason and another team.

Other Hockey News:

NHL statement on COVID-19 testing results | NHL.com
Things seem to be going well so far. We are still within an incubation window—but let's hope that this can continue into the bubble.

NHL return-to-play update - Training camp takeaways, goalie decisions, TV broadcast buzz | ESPN
The weekly update—pretty interesting. Goalies, goalies, goalies.

McDavid 'got faster over the break,' wows Oilers with goal | NHL.com
Can't wait to see his moves around Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook!

NHL goalies scrambling to regain groove after 4-month break | Yahoo Sports
Despite the photo at the top, no discussion of Pekka Rinne and Juuse Saros. Seems we may see more than one team use a tandem this post season though.

Domi returns to practice with Canadiens | NHL
This is good news for the Montreal Canadiens. But please, Max Domi, be very, very careful.

Where the West's American play-in teams stand ahead of NHL restart | Sportsnet.ca
"With the NHL's play-in series less than two weeks away, Ryan Dixon breaks down where the American teams in the West stand heading into their qualifying match-ups."

For N.H.L.’s Oldest Players, the Clock Ticks Louder Every Day | The New York Times
It's sometimes hard to remember that many (most?) players never raise the Stanley Cup. Let's get one for our almost-retiree(s).