Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: No Tricks, Please

And a treat or two might be nice.

Mark Borowiecki placed on Injured Reserve, defender Jordan Gross called up from Milwaukee | On the Forecheck
Bryan takes a look at Jordan Gross, who is presumably going to see ice time with the Preds this road trip.

After loss to Peter Laviolette’s Capitals, Coach John Hynes should beware of befalling a similar fate as his predecessor | On the Forecheck
I really feel like the question of whether Hynes should be relieved of his duties is deeply interwoven with the question of whether David Poile is going to find his own seat heating up if he gets rid of Hynes. Bryan has looked at some parallels here, but the one I'm thinking of is the adage that the average NHL GM gets one coaching change before his own carousel spins on.

Top Five NHL Coaching Hot Seat Power Rankings | The Hockey News
We here at OTF aren't the only ones wondering about Hynes, but man, how many "the Nashville Predators just can't score goals" stories must we have this millennium?

Stories from the Arizona Coyotes' new home at Mullett Arena | ESPN
Honestly, at this point, the Coyotes probably should just embrace being a weird experience until they get enough people turning up for the weird to get interested in hockey. (Also of note: the ASU students getting cheap tickets are trying to bring an "it's all your fault" of their own.)

No. 785: Alex Ovechkin scores on Halloween night, closes to 16 goals behind Gordie Howe | RNMB
Ovechkin is one short of tying the NHL record for goals scored with a single team (Howe again, with 785 for the Detroit Red Wings).

Rivalry Series rosters announced | The Ice Garden
Team USA is bringing a lot of dynamic young talent to the upcoming rivalry series with Team Canada. Its current stars have defined an era, and I look forward to seeing what the next generation is going to do, with and without the current one.

Weekend Takeaways: Golden Knights, Bruins making noise early | Sportsnet.ca
It's been one of those years where it feels like saying the Vegas Golden Knights and the Boston Bruins are getting great performances from the guys everyone already expected to be their best players is moderately surprising. Wow, gosh, Patrice Bergeron and Mark Stone are good at hockey--but also, Patrice Bergeron and Mark Stone are (still) good at hockey.

NHL: Inside the Islanders Flawless Penalty Kill | McKeen's Hockey
This is a couple of days old and therefore sadly outdated--the Islanders did in fact end up giving up a goal while shorthanded--but it's still a very neat systems breakdown with video of what they're doing right.

In bid for more offence, Flames' Sutter puts Huberdeau and Kadri together | Sportsnet.ca
If they wanted to be offensive, maybe they should have kept Tkachuk. Thank you, I'll be here all week.

In all seriousness, though, this is a weird trend from some very talented players. It’s bound to smooth out in time, and I have a bad feeling about just when that smoothing might start (later this week, when the Preds play them).

Ducks D Jamie Drysdale out 4-6 months with shoulder injury | ESPN
Rough, rough news for Drysdale, and not great news for the Anaheim Ducks either.

Beauts Notebook: Spooky, ooky, kooky, and ready for puck drop | The Ice Garden
The PHF is getting ready for the start of its season, and The Ice Garden is gearing up for coverage.