Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Rolla Coaster of Preds!

We’re up, we’re down. We’re good, we’re bad. I am going to be exhausted long before the first playoff game.

Smashville News:

The Predators played last night. Once again I’m sure that there is an excellent game recap below or to the right of this D&C. Hopefully it will contain much praise for Rem Pitlick.

Nashville’s forward line shuffling is more trouble than it’s worth | A to Z Sports
Alex with some thoughts on one of my favorite topics of speculation. Will the Lavy Line Blender ever slow down enough for any of the lines to find consistent chemistry?

Breakdown: Dante Fabbro says he will be signing with the Nashville Predators | On the Forecheck
Yeah! We didn’t get Suter-Veseyed! It would be hard to keep track of many more players to boo.

Smashville Street Hockey | NHL.com
As no players were involved this didn’t get the bump it should. There is more to hockey interest than just sheets of ice. Hopefully this program can keep expanding.

This week we return to Doug and Dozer enjoying the recent nice weather. Also, we learn about the disadvantages of floor to ceiling windows. Ha.

Central Division News:

Who Would be the Best First Round Opponent for Dallas? | Defending Big D
Dallas likes their chances against us. Well Big D, handle Winnipeg and bring it to round two.

St. Louis Blues: Is Finishing Higher Really Better For The Blues?
Interesting thoughts on playoff seeding here. I’ve been wondering some of the same things now that we have little to no chance of winning the division.

Should the Chicago Blackhawks Shut Down Corey Crawford? | Blackhawk Up
The folks at Blackhawk Up discuss if it is worth the injury risk to play Corey Crawford now that they have little to no chance of making the playoffs.

Other Hockey News:

Hurricanes go ‘Fishin’ in the Dark’ for latest Storm Surge | NHL.com
I cannot convey how much I love these surges. I hope they continue through the playoffs so that I can watch Mike Milbury’s head explode. The big question... What about next season?

NHL notes: League’s disaster franchises keep burying themselves | Boston Herald
An outside view of the Canadian tire and dumpster fires.

NHL Player Safety boss on smaller suspensions and ‘clean’ Tom Wilson | ESPN.com
Some interesting statistics here. Debate actual reason for the declines — go.

Super Slow Mo: Week 24 | NHL.com
Here we go again. Waiting...still waiting. Actually, there aren’t that many Nashville Predators goals to choose from last week. Usual goalie humiliation. Lots of Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals. Waiting some more...Corey Crawford falls on the grenade. Tuukka Rask, I love that mask! I have a bad feeling. Yep, not one Predators appearance. On to next week.

NHL needs to avoid the Gold Plan to fix its draft | New York Post
Sorry, Shane Doan, the New York Post does not endorse your suggestion.

Coloradan Brad Watson, NHL referee, retires with honors | Denver Post
“Coloradoan Brad Watson called it a career Saturday, concluding a 23-year stint as an NHL referee in front of family and friends at the Pepsi Center.” 1393 games refereed in the NHL. That is incredible. It seems like he had an interesting farewell tour and I read elsewhere that Patrick Kane gave him his stick after the last game. Good luck in retirement!