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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Shuffling

On the one hand: it’s legal (and Stone, who’s had a brutal injury record over the course of his career, did in fact get hurt–lots of Preds fans even saw it happen).

On the other hand: nobody except Golden Knights fans likes the Golden Knights, so we’re going to keep hearing about this until the NHL closes the loophole.

I don’t understand why this is controversial. Yes, trades can happen at any time unless a player has a full no-trade clause–and even if they’ve gotten the team to agree to a no-trade clause, that doesn’t mean anything until the clause actually kicks in, as players like PK Subban (traded just two days before his would have taken effect) could testify. But there’s a difference between being traded unexpectedly to finish out a contract, and being asked to agree in advance to spend X years in an unspecified location, in an unspecified country.

That said, if Hertl can return before the end of the season, that should do something to at least reduce the outrage.

Less than ideal news for the Leafs.

The vagueness of the way the NHL treats incidents like this is wild. Even well-established reporters like Elliotte Friedman think there’s a lack of transparency here.

Rough news for the Panthers.

This is getting out of control. Rempe has played in ten games and is averaging 5.4 PIM per game and a fight almost every two games; he’s also repeatedly targeting opponents’ heads. It’s 2024.

Bednar sounds so casual about the surgery: “Just depends on what they go in and find and what they end up doing.” Just a look around.

Speaking of the Avs, Landeskog has always been fun to watch, and I’m sure he’s hoping to finally return.

“Northeast Phoenix” is better than Glendale, I guess–closer to the wealthy southeast neighborhoods as well as the northeast ones–but they’re still going to be missing people driving up from Tucson in order to not get people driving down from Flagstaff anyway.

Also, how hard is it to get a sports arena built? Baffling.

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