Tuesday's Dump & Chase: The Capitol of Canada is Ottawa

"HAHAHAHA... Yeah Right. Do we look that stupid?""Nice try Dudley."

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Athlete of the Week: Runners-Up | Harvard Crimson
Expect Jimmy Vesey to be in this column weekly.

Predators week ahead: Canadian teams visit Nashville | Tennessean
How is Kyle Turris only 26? He looks like Sean Penn already.

Preds Pleased with Game Play Starting Big Week; Forsbergs Celebrate Swedish Father's Day - Nashville Predators - Features
The photography in this is amazing.

Phil Housley HHOF Induction Speech - TSN
"The quarterback".

Other Hockey Stuff

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says there won't be a formal expansion announcement next month | ESPN
NHL commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed reports that the league won't be making a formal expansion announcement during December's Board of Governors meeting.

Flint not first time family ties have been an issue in CHL - Sportsnet.ca
The controversy surrounding the Flint Firebirds isn't the first time family ties have caused problems in the CHL, and it won't be the last.

Alex Ovechkin nearing goal marks, Brett Hull, Martin Brodeur, Barry Trotz address greatness - NHL.com - NHL Insider
The greatest goal scorer of our generation is either Alex Ovechkin or Steven Stamkos. And they're doing it in an era where goals are more scarce. Appreciate them.

Look ahead to Hockey Hall of Fame’s class of 2016 - NHL - SI.com
Plenty of fringe player debates looming for next year.

Leafs' prospect Nolan Vesey suspended after ugly spearing incident - Pension Plan Puppets
After years of getting "the other brother", the Preds may have went 3 for 3 with Jones, Forsberg, and Vesey.

You should pay attention to how awesome the NHL's 3-on-3 overtime is - SBNation.com
The rule change is already a thrilling, effective way to reduce the impact of shootouts.

What's Eating Ryan Kesler? - Today's Slapshot

Penguins GM on Sidney Crosby struggles: ‘There’s certainly no concern’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Sure. Same team said "Sidney Crosby doesn't have the mumps" last year.

Jared Crozier - Yea Or Nay - Kyle Turris Is Now A Legit #1C? | HockeyBuzz.com
That's a legit argument, and I like the 6 pillars for 1C's.

Kuzma: Tortorella still loud and proud — but also a better listener now | TheProvince
Eh, Torts probably looks around that locker room and shakes his head.

No end in sight: Goaltending saga continues - Matchsticks and Gasoline
Remember when we all picked Calgary to take a step forward this summer? Oh man...

Not Hockey

Cam Newton tore down a banner, prompting the dumbest controversy in sports - SBNation.com
I shamelessly love Cam Newton.